Apps allow users to make cash while staying home


Design by Alyssa McKenna

Gianna Cognetti, Features Editor

Millions of Americans nationwide have recently lost their jobs to the coronavirus pandemic. With the large number of people not receiving a steady income, there are many ways to still make money while being home.

There are many free apps that give users the opportunity to make some extra cash simply by taking surveys and/or earning cash back from spending money.

 Some of these apps include Eureka, Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie and Wiki Buy, which allow users to either save money or earn it by taking surveys. 

Eureka-cash for feedback is unique amongst the usual survey apps because it is more of a contest against other survey-takers. Creative people will find this app the most profitable.

Users receive cash from participating in the surveys. However, the app looks for the most creative and informational survey answers. The app rewards the most creative responses with anywhere from $3.00 to $50.

Once users total a minimum of $10, they are then able to redeem their earnings. Eureka will send the money in the mail.

Opinion Outpost is another survey-taking app. Similar to most survey taking apps such as Eureka, it allows survey takers to cash out your earnings at $10. As opposed to Eureka, Opinion Outpost does not allow people to earn cash. Instead, users can exchange the cash earnings for giftcards of that price, which can be used at businesses such as Starbucks or grocery stores.

Overall, Opinion Outpost is easy to use and helpful in earning a little extra cash in the spare time.

Survey Junkie is another survey app that is very similar to Opinion Outpost. Survey Junkie gives points for completing surveys that can last from four to 30 minutes. Once survey takers receive enough points, they can be transferred into cash. 

This app gives a description of the survey beforehand in order to save time. For example, if the survey is not of interest to the user, they are able to move on and find one that will fit their interests. Meanwhile, the app is gaining the best answers from users since they will be taking surveys about topics that they enjoy.

Some of the surveys even send products to people’s houses. This is done in order users to try out their product for free and give feedback on it. 

The downside to this app is that some of the surveys are hard to qualify for based on the demographics the product is targeting. Before the survey, the app asks users basic information about themselves. If they do not fit in the category they are looking for, they will not be able to move forward in the survey process.

Wiki Buy is an app for shoppers who love saving money. This app provides coupons to many stores such as Target, Lowes, Kohl’s, Gap and more. Wiki Buy not only gives people access to coupons normal shoppers do not know about, it also gives the option to find the lowest price of a product. 

By simply scanning the barcode while shopping, Wiki Buy will locate the same product at a lower price. Many stores allow price-matching, meaning if people let the store employees know they found the same product cheaper elsewhere, they will match that price. 

Wiki Buy also provides a percentage of cash back when users eat at certain restaurants in their area. They are basically getting money back for spending money. A downfall to this app is that users must link their credit or debit card to the app. This allows for the app to automatically give them the cash back.