What UC Events are still being hosted during the coronavirus pandemic?


Pioneer Pride Week photos

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

At Utica College, many clubs and organizations host events on campus to keep the campus filled with entertainment for the community. For the remainder of the semester, campus events cannot be held in person due to social distancing restrictions stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Jason Francey, assistant director of College Engagement, said there are ways to host events in the current online environment. Some virtual events have already been held through social media during this pandemic. 

“The trax instagram (@traxthemoose) has been running virtual engagement opportunities such as live stream meditation, cooking videos, live streamed pets and Pioneer Pride Week,” Francey said. 

Francey explained there is a lot of work being done to host more virtual events for students. 

“We are currently working on getting a Netflix Party off the ground as well as some trivia opportunities,” he said. 

Now that UC is operating in the online environment, there are several opportunities for everybody to stay connected with each other. Some annual events that are usually hosted on campus will be moved to a later date or will wait until next year. 

“The drag show will happen in the fall due to contractual obligations,” Francey said. 

Public Relations and Management Professor Patricia Swann said the annual Raymond Simon Institute Awards will not take place this year. 

“Students who are supposed to get awards for this ceremony will receive their awards in the mail,” Swann said. 

Even though many events were canceled, some were moved to a virtual environment, including Accepted Students Day, Saturday information sessions, transfer sessions, admissions interviews, financial aid sessions and student success sessions. 

Executive Admissions Director Jessica Nelson said accepted students will have all the information regarding the transition into UC online. 

“Students are also directed to the virtual tour to explore the campus,” Nelson said. “We are utilizing the virtual platform to provide the students with opportunities to speak with current students and ask them questions to get the student connection they would have on campus.” 

Ever since admissions started using the virtual event these past few weeks, Nelson said there have been some great responses from students who had participated in some of the events. 

“We had over 260 students participate in the first Accepted Students Day and 180 students in our second Accepted Students Day this past Saturday,” Nelson said. “We have many other virtual events planned to give every student the opportunity to virtually visit UC.” 

Not only did admissions host virtual events to connect with accepted students, they have also communicated with students by email, text and phone calls. All events are updated on the UC website. 

“We also use our admissions social media platforms to advertise our virtual events as well,” Nelson said. 

Student clubs and organizations decide whether they want to host their in-person events later in the fall or wait until next spring. They can host events by using Google Hangouts, Google Meet or Zoom. 

“If students are having problems hosting virtual events, I highly encourage them to reach out to me at [email protected],” Francey said. “I will be more than happy to brainstorm with them.” 

In order to feel connected more with UC and student organizations, Francey said this is a time where UC students need the campus organizations the most. 

“We can’t thank you enough for stepping up and ensuring our students still feel connected with the UC community,” he said.