Have you thought of disinfecting your phone?


Design by Alyssa McKenna

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

Germs, viruses and bacteria have a way of spreading in the environment and on personal belongings. However, there are ways to stop the spread of them. One way is by disinfecting smartphones.

With the coronavirus quickly spreading, some say it is necessary to take some extra precautions to stop the spread of this illness, which can be potentially life-threatening. 

Whether users move their fingers from one part of the screen to another, or take a selfie by touching a button, hand bacteria gets on the surface of phones. People may wash their hands, but this can only be so effective when handling a dirty phone.

Harmful germs and infections such as staph and E.coli can thrive on the glass of a smartphone screen, according to a March issue of Time magazine. 

At Utica College, most students, faculty and staff depend on their phones and use them throughout the day. However, some don’t think about disinfecting their phones. 

Health Studies Professor Mary Siniscarco said disinfecting phones can be one of the best ways to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria that end up getting on our daily technology devices. 

“I recommend everybody to follow the recommended guidelines provided by each manufacturing company, depending on what everybody’s phones are,” Siniscarco said. “We should all take an active role like this to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.” 

Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant Alison Ricci-Wadas said it is important for everybody to disinfect their phones.

“I think everybody should do it well and regularly,” she said. 

Ricci-Wadas said she has a special way of disinfecting her phone that people could follow in order to keep it clean. 

“I think the ideal way is to use a Lysol wipe and a microfiber cloth for both the phone and the case,” she said. 

Some people might not think about disinfecting their phones or realize the amount of germs or bacteria that can build up when using them, especially on the phone case. Ricci-Wadas said she cleans her phone by using some disinfecting tools. 

“If I need to disinfect when I am on the go, then I will use a blob of hand sanitizer on a tissue or a paper towel,” she said. “Let it air dry and then polish the screen with a fresh tissue.”