Netflix and chill: What’s everyone watching?


Photo by Hope Russo

Hope Russo, Staff Writer

What would the weekend be without at least one day dedicated to a full-on Netflix binge? Probably a lot more productive but that’s no fun.

With the many streaming services available right now such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, students have different opinions on what service they prefer. Each platform offers an array of various series and films in their library that creates an incentive for viewers to choose which streaming service fits their viewing needs.

To help organize content, Netflix will periodically release a list of what television shows and movies will be removed and released during certain months. One of their most recent removals involved the iconic television series Friends, which some viewers were upset about. 

“I honestly can’t even believe that Netflix decided to get rid of ‘Friends,’” senior Patrick Coughlin said. “It’s one of the most popular shows of all time and people seem to be furious about it.”

Netflix has also released many other shows that are “binge-worthy.”

Netflix’s “You” has been one of the most talked about shows since the first season was released back in 2018.  Leading actor Penn Badgley, known for his role in “Gossip Girl” as Dan Humphrey, makes the viewer fall in love with his psychotic character Joe Goldberg. 

Sophomore Daniella Hyde said she recommends the show to everyone and freshman Morgan Clark said she cannot wait for season three to come out. 

Netflix allows viewers to watch shows and movies without being interrupted by commercials. However, other streaming services are becoming more popular with viewers because they offer newer content. 

Disney+ is the most recent service to be released. It’s your ultimate streaming service for all things Disney, Pixar and Marvel that cannot be found anywhere else.  

It is owned by The Walt Disney Company, which now also owns Hulu. 

Hulu offers episodes of current shows and more recent movies that have been released. They also offer a subscription option for Hulu with live television, HBO, Showtime and STARZ. 

“I have started to use Hulu a lot more than Netflix recently,” sophomore Daniella Hyde said. “I like that it allows me to watch shows even the day after they air because most of the time I’m at work when they come on.”

Clarke also said although she enjoys the benefits of Hulu more, she still watches Netflix. 

“Personally, I use HBO more than any other streaming service or app,” Coughlin said. “I am a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series. Now I’m currently watching the show ‘Barry,’ also on HBO.”