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Students share coffee preferences

Photo by Emily Beck

Emily Beck, Staff Writer

As the semester flies by around this time of the year, students could become stressed and overloaded with work, which some students might say calls for some coffee. Students walking around campus with a coffee in their hand is a common sight at UC, but they can get their “miracle” drink from different places.

Junior Ryan Boshart said he only drinks coffee when he knows he has work to get done or is extra tired and needs a little pick me up. 

“When I do get coffee it is always from Dunkin Donuts,” he said. “I really don’t have a preference for the taste of coffee. I just know Dunkin is close to campus and inexpensive.”

Money can be a big factor for students when deciding where to get their coffee from. Boshart said that Starbucks is “too overpriced” for a college student’s budget besides being farther from campus.

First-year student Morgan Leib said she gets her coffee from Le Bistro in Gordon Hall because she values the service she receives.

“I love to go there because it is convenient and the people are always so nice to me,” she said. “Everytime I go, they remember my order, caramel iced coffee with almond milk.”

Aside from the personable workers, getting coffee on campus also gives students the option to use their student ID’s. 

Junior Mikayla Grennell said she prefers Dunkin Donuts for her coffee over an on-campus option. 

“I go to Dunkin because I know what I’m going to get rather than trying a new place and just hoping it tastes good,” she said. “When I have tried new places before, I usually end up not liking what I get.”

When Grennell goes to get her coffee from Dunkin she always orders an iced French vanilla swirl coffee.

Despite the cold weather, students like Grennell still drink iced coffee.

“Iced coffee just tastes so much better than hot coffee,” she said. “I will only get hot coffee when I am going to an outdoor sporting event in the cold weather.”

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