Finals week closest to Christmas than ever


Kaitlyn Tambasco, Managing Editor

The semester is winding down and that means finals are just around the corner. With term papers and exams approaching, stress and coffee sales might be at an all time high. 

However, some students might be at an all time low with everything they must get done. 

Counselor Sadé Cardin said around this time of year the counseling center sees more students due to increased stress as they juggle their personal lives, academics and preparing for finals. 

Cardin gave tips to cope with increased stress such as study in advance, avoid cram sessions, make a study plan, take a break from cell phones and social media and allow 10-15 minutes of break during study sessions, as well as others.

“If anyone is struggling with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at this time, they can try to break up their tasks into smaller ones to decrease feeling overwhelmed,” Cardin said. “They can implement self-care practices, find ways to implement fun or personal interests (movie nights, puzzles, game nights, paint parties, sleepovers, etc), and seek support through trusted peers or counseling.”

Student Success Coordinator Adrianne Arnone said the Center for Student Success partners with Opportunity Programs and Learning Services to do a study day on the first day of finals. From 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., there will be tutors in Carbone Auditorium for various courses, such as math and French. 

Arnone also had some study tips, such as to make sure study spaces are clean, asking professors for help, quizzing classmates and avoid logging into social media. 

There are also spaces in the Center for Student Success where students can study or do their homework. Arnone said that these spaces first made an appearance last year. 

“Students have been using them all semester to get work done in a quiet spot,” Arnone said. “If anyone wants to come in and use them, you just let the front desk know you are going back there and you’re welcome weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

Arnone said the traffic in the office never stops, as they see a steady stream of students all semester along and the office will help with any questions or concerns.

Sophomore Hannah Camfield is a nursing student and said that this time of the year especially is always difficult for her.

As a first-year resident assistant, an EMT and a co-president of an organization on campus, Camfield said she has her hands full.

“I have a test every single day of finals week, plus other assignments,” Camfield said. “So it’s definitely a lot.”

Camfield said she has learned to multi-task and definitely knows how to take a study break as she noted that she likes to play pool in the Pioneer Cafe. 

“When I am on RA duty twice a week, I definitely take advantage of that time and get my homework done,” Camfield said. “Sometimes my friends or my residents will stop by so that makes for a good study break.”

She noted that as she gets closer to graduation in two years, her workload will increase since she will be more into her nursing classes.

“I am glad that the college offers activities to help with stress for finals,” Camfield said. “At this point, everyone just wants to go home for the holidays and see their family and friends and I think that adds to the stress.”

If any student feels they are having a mental health emergency they can reach the counselor on-call by contacting campus safety at 315-792-3046.