Thanksgiving Weekend Snowstorm brings extra day of break and snow activities


Photo by Francis Tavino.

John Blashke, Staff Writer

Growing up, there was hardly ever a more anticipated morning than one with snow on the ground and the good news that school had been canceled. Even though the winters in Utica are notoriously frigid, there are still the young at heart that long for those snowy days off of school. However, along with them are those whose schedules were thrown into mayhem by the storm. 

It is a rare occasion that Utica College cancels classes due to snow since it is considered just a natural way of life around here but, with so many people heading back to school from break, roadway conditions made it difficult for them to travel back. Many students were relieved they did not have to drive in poor conditions when the email was sent out on Sunday, Dec. 1. 

Senior Azmain Chowdhury said she witnessed firsthand how slippery and dangerous the roads were.

“I saw two seven car accidents Sunday afternoon on my way back to Utica,” Chowhury said. 

It continued to snow for the rest of Sunday into a good chunk of Monday. The heavy blanket of white powder allowed students to do a number of activities as well as inactivity for those who would not brave the snow. Snow plows roamed the streets and flung salt all day students and residents alike shoveled their way out of their houses if they dared to traverse the winter landscape. 

Sophomore Reed Corcoran said he spent his day doing one of his favorite activities on the slopes. 

“I have been skiing since I was just a kid,” Corcoran said. “This is exactly the type of snow you want too, the fluffy stuff that packs well — it does not get any better.” 

The natives of Central New York and likely many others strapped on skis and snowboards and headed for the hills and mountains. 

First-year student Alicia Bingay said she made the most out of the snow day with her friends as well. 

“I was having a great time all bundled up in the snow, throwing snowballs, playing football,” Bingay said. “I did take a pretty bad bump on the head though and now I have a slight concussion.” 

Bingay said she spent the rest of her night recuperating watching movies like many others, resting up for the busy week ahead. 

Walking around campus the next couple of days students could see snowmen, snow angels and the boot prints their peers left as evidence of the last day of good fun before the looming finals began to take over their mindsets. 

Students and teachers alike realized all too soon that their extra day to recover from their Thanksgiving meals and shop for Christmas presents online had come to an end and it was back to business the next day. What seemed like a minor setback actually caught many off guard when it began to dawn on them just how close finals were. 

“It was brick out I did not want to do anything, including going to the library,” Chowdhury said.