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UC’s NSLS Chapter “Achieves Big” at National Summit in New Jersey

Photo provided by Kaitlyn Tambasco.

Last weekend, members of the executive board of UC’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership Success (NSLS) traveled to New Jersey for the National Leadership Summit. 

The event, which lasted two days, involved many networking opportunities, provided meals, offered social events, keynote speakers and small group activities on topics such as graduate school and over involvement. The event was held at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, and the group traveled down on Friday. 

The summit brought in chapters from around the nation, including in states such as California and Arkansas. On Saturday night, the society offered guided tours of New York City. Students could choose from a handful of different tours, including the 9/11 memorial and a Staten Island Ferry ride, Herald Square, the history of Fourth Ave and others. 

Assistant Director for Leadership Development Bethany VanBenschoten is a part of the Learning Guild of NSLS and also serves as the advisor of the UC chapter. Her favorite part of the summit was sharing ideas. She likes to learn about what other chapters do, as well as share things about UC’s chapter.

“I think something they could improve was maybe the amount of time chapter leaders were able to get together,” VanBenschoten said. “I think some leaders really enjoyed that as I did and maybe didn’t get enough time for it.”

The majority of the presenters shared that they were able to reach their goals when they had an intrinsic purpose, she said. VanBenschoten added that if she was in charge of the summit, she would have created more discussion and sharing time and have ordered better desserts.

“I also suggested in my feedback report that they should try to get more students to present workshops,” VanBenschoten said. “I heard a lot of students who were doing so many great things and we didn’t get enough time to hear them shared publicly.”

The NSLS teaches a way of life, VanBenschoten said. It’s not just potential leadership, it’s about becoming a better version of yourself and helping others be better versions of themselves. Even though there is a fee to join the society, NSLS headquarters offers members scholarships, conferences, trips, free stuff, company discounts and a chance to hear from well-known speakers.

“I think the more students we have join and learn from the NSLS program, the better students we will able to produce with degrees and Utica College alumni really will have a chance to impact the whole world in a big way,” VanBenschoten said. “Our students get real experience and great degrees to land those jobs but this program helps them to keep their jobs, succeed and rise to new levels.”

Publicity chair and senior Betrece Braham attended the summit to meet a different crowd of leaders as well as to enjoy herself with other members of the e-board.

She enjoyed the last day of the summit and learned that the term “networking” should be replaced with “meeting others and becoming friends.”

According to Braham, the food variety could have been improved and the New York City tours could have been better planned. However, Braham said that everyone should join NSLS.

“It is an environment full of opportunities and awesome people,” Braham said. “It is welcoming and supports its members all the way.”

The secretary of the chapter, senior Kassidy Krenzer, said she decided to go because conference type events offer unique activities and opportunities, such as meeting students from other colleges.

She said one of her favorite parts of the summit was getting to spend time with other e-board members and getting to know everyone better. On the other hand, she said her least favorite part was being late for the New York City tour on Saturday night after the group had taken the wrong train. 

Krenzer said she was happy with how everything played out otherwise and learned some life lessons. 

“I learned that if I fail at something, it is okay because many well known authors, actors, and inventors have all been told no before, but have been resilient enough to keep trying to make it a yes,” Krenzer said. “I think students should join the NSLS because it offers students a foundation for their success. Without the Success Networking Team meetings and broadcasts, I would not know how to effectively set goals for myself or know that it is okay to fail the first time.”

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