A Day at SU’s Carrier Dome


Photo provided by Alexandra Evans.

Michael Schebel, Staff Writer

Last month, some Utica College students received a unique opportunity. The Sports Information and Public Relations class, taught by Professor Peter Moore, attended a Syracuse University football game.

Students could either choose from Western Michigan at Syracuse on Saturday, Sept. 21 or Holy Cross at Syracuse on Saturday, Sept. 28.  

However, they didn’t just get the average fan experience.

The class was able to sit in the press box during the course of the game. There, they observed how the Syracuse University Athletics Communications staff went through their game day checklists. They also had a great view of the action that was taking place on the field. 

The class received stats after every quarter and had access to the live stats website so they could follow along while the game was in progress. Senior Mark Martinez enjoyed his experience and thought it was authentic.  

“I got the real life feel of a sports media press box,” Martinez said. “The atmosphere was intense, and getting the opportunity to sit in on it gave you a real feel of what’s to come in the future.” 

Professor Moore, who is the director of athletic communications at SU, said he gained a lot from this experience as well. Watching the students thrive in a professional environment was a positive take away from the day.  He was pleased with the passion the students displayed, he said.

“I enjoyed providing students in the class with the opportunity to see real athletic communications practitioners on the job working a large event,” Moore stated.

Senior Allie Evans, who majors in public relations and sports communication, also attended the event. 

“It was a great experience,” Evans said. “Growing up in Upstate New York, a Syracuse fan by birth, it was almost surreal. The only hard part about the day was that we couldn’t cheer in the press box. I can’t wait to go back for the basketball game.” 

Both the students and the professor believe that this first hand experience will help set them up for the future. The more they are exposed to professional settings, the more experience they will have in their field. 

Martinez said this experience will make him more prepared.  

“If given another opportunity to go in a press box, I feel like I know what I’m getting into,” said Martinez. “Nothing would really catch me off guard.”