Get to know Utica: Ocean Blue

Michael Muon

Staff Writer

Ocean Blue Restaurant and Oyster Bar is a spectacular fine dining rooftop restaurant located in Downtown Utica. Utica has been mostly a dead zone in recent decades; it was not until a recent rebranding effort that brought in more businesses to the downtown area that the city started to experience a sort of rebirth. Ocean Blue is already proving to be widely popular and is a great addition to the downtown area.

Ocean Blue is a highly recommended restaurant, and all students should head over to the restaurant at least once during their four yearsatUticaCollege.Ithasa great atmosphere and dining experience. The rooftop setting makes it feel as if you are not in Utica anymore. To many locals around here who have dined at Ocean Blue, they definitely know this feeling.

When you first enter, it feels so modern and fancy. The open view of the kitchen adds a cool new look to the restaurant. Ocean Blue has a variety of things to offer on the menu, the bar, and the private and chef dining rooms. Ocean Blue is open seven days a week so UC students, you have no excuse of not try this it out. Another great highlight of this restaurant is that it’s on a rooftop. Who would have ever thought that there would be a rooftop restaurant in little old Utica?

The UC community and other people from the Greater Utica area have been pouring into Ocean Blue and have been spreading their feelings about the restaurant.

Stephanie Hir, a UC alum, and Jeannie Michelle Mengel, a UC senior, attended Ocean Blue last Sunday for brunch.

“The food was very good,”Mengel and Hir said.

Mengel mentions that she is very picky about her food, and the cook worked with her bylettinghercustomizeher dish. Mengel also added that the restaurant has a city-like feel and had a loft looking to it. Hir and Mengel added that they wished there were more places around here like that.

“Utica could become a little more popular, it would make the town nicer and prettier, and more upkept like a busier city,” Mengel said.

Hir commented on the food by saying it was so good that she would love to try it for lunch or even dinner sometime.

“I definitely did not expect tofindaplacelikeOceanBlue in Utica,” Hir said.

When students and faculty try Ocean Blue, they are sure to go out in search of more restaurants like it. Other highly recommended places are Delmonico’s, an Italian steakhouse, Aqua Vino, an Italian and seafood restaurant, and Café CaNole, an Italian bakery and culinary restaurant. These are all upscale restaurants that are highly recommended by locals, students and faculty.