Should UC Create more Majors?



Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

When students attend Utica College they make their own decision on what they want to major in.
Depending on what their career is, most students choose a major based on what they want to do
after college.
UC offers many academic programs for students to choose from such as: health studies, liberal
arts, science, mathematics and English. Some subjects are only available for a minor. However,
there are some majors not offered at Utica College that students wish were available for other
students on campus.

Sophomore Timothy Kurucz has two majors that he thinks Utica College should add to campus,
a gender studies major and a human rights advocacy major.

Kurucz said both of these subjects are only available as minors at UC, but has some reasons on
why these majors should be added.
“As far as gender studies goes, our college has done great things such as having speakers come
for diversity talks,” Kurucz said. “This would make a good major for students who are into
diversity topics.”
Kurucz is currently majoring in cybersecurity and minoring in human rights advocacy. He has an
idea of what he would do with his current major and minor.
“When it comes to human rights advocacy, I would change my major to this and I would not
need it for a minor,” Kurucz said.
Students can change their major whenever they want by contacting the Registrar’s office, located
in White Hall, for more information.
Junior Kelly Caminske would like to see Utica College add foreign psychology as a major. She
has a feeling that this major would mix together well for students that want to study psychology.
“I think this major would also work for students who are currently majoring in criminal justice
like me,” Caminske said. “If Utica College had this major, it would create a great environment to
learn different things in this field of study.”
Even though Utica College has the psychology major available for students, not all different
fields within psychology are available on campus.
There is one major UC does not have available that sophomore Robert Stevens said should be
“I think music should be a major added to Utica College because it would draw more people into
our college,” Stevens said. “Music seems to be a highly popular thing for a lot of students, where
this major would bring extra events for clubs to host on campus, and draw more students to our
college that want to get their life into music.”

Like music, there are majors available at other colleges that Utica College does not offer. Some
students said more majors added to campus would work for students who want a college close to
home, and not have to go a long distance from home to be in the major they want to be in.
Junior Michael Moran would also like to see music become a major at Utica College along with
fine arts.
“These majors always seem to be neglected,” Moran said. “As someone that performs art, it is
something I want to see improved on campus.”
Junior Katherine Burritt said theater should be added as a major due to the amount of students
involved in theater at Utica College.
“Not only people on campus, there are also a lot of my friends in high school that I know of that
are involved in theater,” Burritt said. “This major would work for students that live in the area if
they want a college close to home, so they wouldn’t have to travel too far from home.”
Students can change their major whenever they want by contacting the Registrar’s office, located
in White Hall.