Bolsette Appointed as new Track & Field Assistant Coach


Dan Piersma, Staff Writer

Utica College has hired a new assistant track and field coach, John Boisette, after the Pioneers collected 11 top-three finishes in the 2018-2019 season.

Boisette graduated from East Hartford High School in Connecticut and won a championship during his time as a coach at the school.  Boisette received his bachelor’s degree in physical education studies at Eastern Connecticut where he was also on the track team.

During his four years, Boisette regularly finished towards the top of his team and earned an all-state selection in the process. His senior year of college was a big deal for him as he not only ran for the team, but also became the coach of the sprint team. 

It only took one conversation with his coach that ultimately led him to the career he is pursuing today.

“My coach could see how well I was doing coaching the sprint team, and she told me that she thought I had what it takes to be a really good coach,” Boisette said.

Boisette was ready to further his education, but the opportunity did not come right away. While waiting to receive word that he was accepted into a college for his master’s degree, he returned to his alma mater.

Regis College, located in western Massachusetts, called him and brought him on. From there, Boisette graduated with a Masters in Health Administration while also being a vital member of the track and field team.

During his time at Regis, the team broke every school record while going on to win three conference championships. After his time in graduate school, Boisette applied for the position with Utica and was welcomed to the family.

“Dave Fontaine, James Lemieux and Sam Catterson all have the same views and believe we can win a championship,” Boisette said.

When asked how he sees the future of this program going, Boisette explained that he and everyone else are taking things one step at a time and working on self-improvement every day.

“Long-term is optimistic, short-term is realistic,” Boisette said when commenting on his future with the organization.

Head track and field coach, James Lemieux, who was named head coach in July, is very excited to have Boisette as apart of his staff.

“We interviewed hundreds of people from all around the country and John just really stood from the rest,” Lemieux said.

Boisette truly believes this is where he is supposed to be.