Club Profile: Women in a new Direction


Photo provided by WIND

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

Utica College has many clubs and organizations for students to participate in. One of those clubs is Women In A New Direction (WIND). This is a group which stands for women’s empowerment and that hosts events that pertain to issues facing women. 

Junior Kelley Hughes is the president of WIND this semester. As head of the club, she is the person responsible for reaching out to all members about club events and announcements.

Even though it is early in the semester, there are many things that the club is in the middle of getting together for the semester. 

“We have talked about doing a Women’s Day Retreat, an annual gala, which has everybody focusing on a theme, and game nights,” Hughes said.

WIND club members have hosted a lot of events on campus in the past that they are thinking about organizing again since they have noticed a lot of students enjoyed them. 

With the semester just starting a few weeks ago, the club has discussed different club events to host this semester.

“We usually host fun events like Spa Nights that teach women and men about self care,” Hughes said. 

Sophomore Alexa Rivera said she feels happy to be a part of the club and loves how WIND cares about the stance that women hold in society today. 

“What I also love about WIND is that it is a sisterhood,” Rivera said. “This club makes presence and involvement of women relevant and educated throughout the Utica College campus.” 

Some students not only participate as a member of a club, they also take part in being a club officer in order to keep the club active for students and have the opportunity of being student leaders. 

Junior Cristina Petretta was the public relations officer for WIND last semester but this year she took over the secretary position, leaving the public relations officer spot unfilled. As a result, Petretta said she is going to take care of that position momentarily, along with her secretary position. 

“As being secretary for WIND goes for me, there’s a lot of organizing and keeping on top of things that need to be done in the future and soon,” Petretta said. 

Taking care of two different officer positions for WIND, Petretta said she realizes how both of them can be a lot of work and would have to take a lot of time and effort to do the jobs. 

“It can be a lot of work to do,” Petretta said. “But it’s nice to reorganize and make sure things are in place and to know the organizations being run as near as we can.” 
For more information on joining Women In A New Direction (WIND), contact club President Kelley Hughes at [email protected] if you are interested or looking for a club to join on campus.