Get to know Utica: The Finger Bullet

Matt Rogers


Located on Bennett Street, the Finger Bullet is a popular spot for Utica College students to hang out on Saturday nights.

Simply known as “The Bullet,” fraternities and sororities host events there and get students together to have fun. The Bullet is known for being a good time for students, and some say it is their favorite place to go for a night out.

“The Bullet is my favorite place in the world,” senior UC student Frank DeNome said. “I have never had a bad night at the Bullet and it’s a good time for people from school to hangout at.”

Established in 1973, the Bullet has become known for its spacious dance floor.

“I really like the dance floor,” senior UC student Alex DeRusso said. “Everyone has a good time. It’s one of the few bars around here that you can really dance at.”

Local DJs perform routinely and often find it as a place for them to jumpstart their careers. Senior Tom Woodburn said he was given his first opportunity to DJ there his sophomore year.

“I got a chance to open up for DJ Lou Malvasi,” he said. “And since then, it’s really become the place everyone looks forward to going. It’s a crazy atmosphere. It’s crowded. A lot of the kids from school come out to support. It’s great vibes.”

The bar is normally quiet on weekdays, and other days when UC organizations are not hosting events.

But on a Saturday night when UC students are involved, everybody wants to be there.

“Dancing is my favorite part,” senior Greg Palmer said. “I like when they play loud music and there’s flashing lights and everyone’s having a good time.”

“It’s always poppin’,” senior Darien James added.

The bar itself is located to the left of the front door entrance. Sometimes students have to wait upwards of ten minutes for drinks, but most aren’t too concerned.

“I have never had a bad night at the Bullet and it’s a good time for people from school to hangout at,” Frank DeNome said.

The Bullet is all about having a good time, and catching up with friends.

“Hanging out with my friends is my favorite part.” Senior Maya Callender said. “I like going and catching up with friends I haven’t seen all week.”

With the semester winding down, many students are looking to cherish one last chance to hang out at the Bullet before Winter Break.

“I love the experience of going out,” DeRusso said. “Everyone is having a good time. It only happens once every couple weeks, but it’s always a good time.”