Students Face New Fall Semester as Summer Comes to an End



Grace Barattini, Staff Writer

With summer break over, it’s time to get back into school mode.  Utica College students came back from summer vacation and began classes again on Sept. 2.

After a summer break filled with summer jobs, vacations, concerts and relaxing by the pool, many students, faculty and staff got back to the grind last week. Some said getting back into the college routine affects them.

“The hardest thing about the end of summer is getting ready for school,” said Stefanie Puma, a senior and communications and media major.“I have to get mentally and physically prepared. It takes time to go to the store and get all the supplies, like folders, highlighters, stuff like that. I also have to get back onto a regular sleeping schedule, so that takes some adjusting.”

Junior Joe Quinn also believes that one of the hardest things about coming back to school is going back to a regular routine. 

“I have to adjust my sleep schedule, because in the summer it’s scattered, but now it has to be  regimented,” Quinn said.

Freshman Matthew Breault also said his sleep schedule must readjust, but aside from this major change, “I was excited to start college because it’s my first year,” Breault said.

Puma and Quinn agreed that getting back into  the routine means taking time to start focusing again and getting organized. This is a change in mindset for many students at UC.

 “The routine affects me because I have to make sure things are done,” Puma said.

 Going back to the school routine “gets me more organized and back to focusing. In the summer I was able to relax and go with the flow,” Quinn said. 

Puma and Quinn try to maintain these habits of organization throughout the semester not just at the beginning.

While several students said they experience the post-summer blues, not all of them said they are upset that summer is ending.

“The only vacation blues I experience is not having as much free time and not being stressed out all the time,” Puma said.

Quinn said being sad is a waste of energy.

 “I also don’t live in the past. I had fun during the summer but I’m still going to continue to have fun throughout the semester,” Quinn said. 

Breault said starting college brings him closer to his career goal. 

“I worked at Arby’s over the summer but during the school year I hope to get a job at the radio station. It will help me take one step closer to becoming a sports broadcaster,” he said.