How Do You Watch?

How Do You Watch?

Emmalyn Ylaya, Staff Writer

Watching movies is one thing Utica College students like to do in their free time.

There are a lot of different ways students watch movies, such as on DVDs, Blu-Ray or at a movie theater.  

Some students prefer watching through streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Freshman Carley Murphy has a few movies that she loves. She likes to watch romantic comedy movies on Netflix.

“I think my favorite movie is ‘Rain Man’ or ‘The Notebook,’” Murphy said. “Sometimes I go to the movie theater if my boyfriend really wants to go see a new movie.”

Senior Hermina Garic said her favorite movie was much needed this year.

“My favorite movie is ‘Captain Marvel’ because I like that she (Captain Marvel) stood with the refugees in the film,” Garic said.

Garic does not mind watching movies that are on VHS or discs, but she realizes that some of the tools are no longer available.

“It is very hard to find the technology that will play them,” Garic said. “I like to watch movies through Hulu and Netflix.”

Even though VHS tapes are not being made anymore these days, students are able to watch movies as DVDs if they do not have internet access.

A movie theater is one place to go watch a movie on a big screen. However, a recent tragedy makes Garic afraid of going.

“I feel like being in a movie theater is scary for me these days,” Garic said. “I always think about the mass shooting that occurred when people watched ‘The Dark Knight.’ I get a lot of anxiety when being in a movie theater. I enjoy watching the movies, but I always have a safety concern.”

Sophomore Tyler McDonald likes to watch comedy and action movies on Netflix.

“My favorite movie is ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’” McDonald said. “I sometimes watch horror movies with my friends.”

The most popular movie genres students are into are comedy, action, romance and horror. Many students have watched a lot of Disney movies throughout their life.

Freshman Vito Gotti’s favorite movie is “John Wick.” He does not watch Disney movies, but he likes to watch action and comedy movies.

“I would prefer movies on discs,” Gotti said. “I use a Roku stick to watch movies that are not available on Netflix.”

Roku is another way to watch movies. It requires the Roku stick being connected to your television and good Wi-Fi connection.

Sophomore Jason Houn likes to watch various types of movies such as sci-fi, horror, romance and comedy. His favorite movie is “Oblivion.”

“Oblivion’ gives off a 1980’s sci-fi vibe and it asks the question of perception versus reality,” Houn said. “I have also watched a lot of Disney movies.”

Houn uses a few different electronic devices to watch movies.

“I use my phone, Xbox and laptop to watch movies on illegal sites so I do not waste my money,” Houn said. “I like DVDs, but I wish for a throwback to cassettes (VHS). Going to movie theaters can be cool with friends and first dates, but sometimes irritable due to the amount of couples and kids, and people will not stop texting or talking.”