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First-Year Experience

Photo by Mason Purcell

Transitioning from high school to college can be stressful because students must adapt to both a new living and academic environment.

Freshmen students shared their experiences about adjusting at Utica College.

Freshman Grace Broadbent has adjusted to college life, but at first, it was not easy for her.

“You no longer see people you grew up with every day in grade school,” Broadbent said. “Your class times could be different from what you got used to doing in high school. You meet a lot of awesome new people, you figure out how to manage your time with a new schedule and you learn to adjust and appreciate the change.”

Broadbent likes the college campus and is glad to be a part of the college community.

“I think Utica College is well kept,” Broadbent said. “The campus is filled with good people and a lot of fun things to do. I would say Utica College offers a lot of great opportunities, both educational and social.”

Even though students no longer see their high school classmates daily like they used to, college provides many opportunities to make new friends.

Changes at college for freshmen include freedom, new classmates and a larger school.

Freshman Mason Purcell said the transition from high school to college was awkward for him at first. Utica College was Purcell’s first college choice, and he immersed himself into the academics of the cybersecurity major.

“Having the freedom that college students get compared to high school students was a little weird to get used to,” Purcell said. “Once I adjusted, I found myself enjoying college a lot more. The college, to me, has always felt like a second home. It allowed me to quickly feel accepted into the awesome community that we have on campus, which meant a lot to me as a commuter.”

Purcell also enjoys working at the campus radio station, WPNR FM.

“This college offers some of the best opportunities to live out hobbies,” Purcell said. “Mine would be working with WPNR FM because I have always wanted to do my own radio show.”

Purcell said that Utica College has a friendly atmosphere.

“I find it quite amazing that people you never met are willing to take the initiative to partake in kind gestures like holding open doors in the cold winters,” he said. “I do not think you will find another campus that is like Utica College.”

Many students enjoy more independence at college, like freshman Madealyn Frankovic.

“I definitely think I like college better than high school because I like being away from home and having more freedom in my education,” she said.

One aspect of UC that Frankovic enjoys is the small class size.

“One thing I like about Utica College is the teacher-to-student ratio in classes,” Frankovic said. “I like how my professors know my name and are easy to connect with.”

Frankovic said that UC will become her pathway to success.

“I feel as though Utica College will give me the opportunity to expand my horizons and find my true self throughout my college career,” she said.

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