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Opinions Still Mixed Over Student Success Overhaul

Photo by Kaitlyn Tambasco

At the beginning of the 2018 fall semester, a noticeable change occurred within White and Hubbard halls.

The Office of Student Success, where students could discuss plans for their schedules and concerns about grades with their success coaches, was moved out of its previous location in White Hall and combined with Student Financial Services to form the Center for Student Success in Hubbard 117.

It has now been a little over a semester since the changes occurred, and some student still have mixed opinions about the change.

Senior Marissa Verdon does not mind the combination but understands why some students might not like it.

“It’s very open,” Verdon said. “When talking about grades or finances, it might not be the most private conversation.”

Regarding space, Verdon said that the two offices should have stayed separate or at least have been moved to a bigger space.  

Senior Mark Mitchell understands the combination of the offices but thinks it is confusing.

“If you don’t go to the office a lot, or are a freshman, and you still don’t understand how it all works, it could be very stressful,” Mitchell said. “Nonetheless, the staff that works in both departments are very helpful and friendly. Personally, they have helped me get through some very stressful times with scheduling and financial issues.”

Mitchell addressed that the office is too open for certain conversations, but also reiterated the fact that there are rooms and other spaces available in the office for those private conversations.

“I think the problem most students run into that I have seen first hand is they don’t realize how busy both departments are and don’t manage their time well enough,” Mitchell said.

Junior Shelby Deere does not understand why Student Success and Financial Services combined.

“It makes it way more confusing, and it feels like students are getting less help with financial aid stuff because of the combination,” Deere said. “The whole office overall just kind of felt useless when they combined them.”

Adrianne Arnone is the coordinator for the Office of Student Success. She helps with day-to-day operations that come up in the office, supervises student interns and solves issues as they arise.

Arnone said that the combination of the Office of Student Success and Student Financial Services was the best practice to have things together.

“It’s just easier for students,” Arnone said. “The combination of the offices saves students time and allows them to get more things done in one location.”

By stating this, Arnone means that a student could take care of a hold on their account as well as make a change on their schedule in one location.

On the other hand, Arnone also acknowledged the fact that because of the combination students may not find the office as welcoming. According to Arnone, the staff is working to make the office more comfortable for more students.

“There is actually private spaces in the back of the office for students to have one-on-one conversations with their success coaches or financial aid coaches,” Arnone said. “Students were concerned about the privacy of the office, but we are making changes to accomodate.”

Among those changes, the office now has computers towards the front of the office for students to use. The office is also working on getting charging stations for students to use as well.

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