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Don’t Get Testy if You Feel Your Grade is in Need of Correction

Source:Emmalyn Ylaya

Emmalyn Ylaya, Staff Writer

Taking exams is a big part of anyone’s educational career. It is something everybody does in school in order to fully understand what is being taught and show how well they understand the course material.

However, not everyone gets the grade they hoped for once they get their results. For this reason, some Utica College students are wanting some of their professors to allow them to do exam corrections.

Some professors allow students to complete corrections to boost their overall grade in the course. When students do these corrections, they are able to learn from what they did wrong.

Sophomore Madison Hale thinks that exam corrections are more of a high school perk.

“College exams are really the biggest part of your college career in my opinion,” Hale said. “So giving students a second chance on exams does not really help to show a student’s true educational capabilities.”

Junior Malina Rivera believes that exam corrections should be an option depending on the situation. She knows how students would feel if exam corrections were not offered at all by professors.

“If the entire class does poorly on the same exam, then I would say corrections should be an option,” Rivera said. “In most cases, they should not be given because the student is expected to put the effort into studying already. Nobody would ever care about taking a test if corrections were given every time because the students can just look up the answers without understanding the concepts just to get a good grade. I think in the cases where exam corrections are given, the student should only be allowed to get half of the points they lost back.”

Sophomore Ann Muzzy thinks exam corrections are one of the best ways to learn from mistakes made on tests.

“We deserve as students to know what questions we did poorly on or in general what we did wrong to receive the low grade,” Muzzy said. “Not getting back our corrected exams also does not give us the chance to look at what we did wrong from it and learn the correct material. We are expected to graduate with a degree proving that we know something about our major, why not give us the chance to learn as much as possible and make our degree from Utica College worth more.”  

Sophomore Gabriella Ortiz said exam corrections would be helpful to learn from but not very fair.

“I think it can be helpful because students are seeing where they went wrong and still learning from it,” Ortiz said. “But grade-wise, I do not think it would be fair.”


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