Fugal Students Unimpressed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Source: weareteachers.com

Josie Sgarlata, Staff Writer

You probably did not find many Utica College students participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even though this is perhaps the best time of the year to score discounts on various products.

Many students opted out of holiday shopping due to the idea of spending a lot of money over a short period of time.

Senior Allison Wagner did not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday because she prefers to space out her purchases.

I buy my Christmas presents throughout the year, so I don’t spend a ton of money at once,” Wagner said.

Although Wagner does not participate in either of these events, she believes that Cyber Monday attracts more customers.

“I think Cyber Monday is more popular because it’s convenient for people who don’t want to deal with crowds,” she said. “Especially in a highly populated area.”

Junior Kendra Stewart also avoids the shopping days.

“I do not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping,” Stewart said. “I’m too lazy to fight people while I am shopping on Black Friday. If I had to choose, I’d prefer Black Friday so I can see what I’m picking out, like size, color etc., because everything looks different online.”

Stewart won’t splurge unless she needs it.

“I do not buy anything unless I know for a fact I have a legitimate use for it and will wear it more than once at more than one occasion,” Stewart said. “Usually sale items too. I usually purchase sneakers, hoodies, sweats, or shorts. I’m an athlete so that’s usually what I need and want for practice. I enjoy wearing a lot of comfy clothes.”

Junior Lauren MacDonald looks forward to Cyber Monday, but not Black Friday.

“I do not participate in Black Friday usually because I don’t like to go shopping,” MacDonald said. “ But sometimes I do online shop for Cyber Monday. I like Cyber Monday more because I can shop while in the comfort of my own home. You don’t have to physically go searching in a store for things that you want, you can just look it up right on your phone.”

MacDonald uses Cyber Monday for herself and other people for the upcoming holiday season.

“I usually shop at clothing stores like Forever 21 and H&M, but also like to shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Old Navy for athletic apparel,” MacDonald said. “Amazon always has good sales. I use it for myself but also for other people when they have birthdays or for holidays.”

Finances impact whether or not junior Sadie Evans will take part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

“Most often you won’t find me participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, simply due to insufficient funds in my bank account,” Evans said. “ If I am, I’m taking advantage of the sales so I can save money on the many Christmas presents I buy for loved ones.”

Evans also believes that Cyber Monday is more popular and if she had to choose which one to participate in it would be Cyber Monday.

“I prefer Cyber Monday because it saves me the time of going out to person-packed stores and waiting in lines,” Evans said. “Shopping online is much simpler. I believe Cyber Monday is more popular because the environment in shopping malls and in stores on Black Friday are extremely overwhelming and can be dangerous. Not everyone has the time to walk around and shop all day, online shopping also saves you time.”

Evans uses the sales to the best of her advantage. She’s always looking to shop for herself, her boyfriend and family.

“I’ll purchase anything from clothing to makeup to a new controller for my boyfriend,” Evans said. “Toys and clothes for my nieces, and maybe a new kitchen appliance/tool for my mom and dad. I try to have a plan before I shop, but I’ll usually end up just looking for things that catch my eye. I use the sales mostly to shop for Christmas presents.”