We Are UC: Hermina Garic


Photo by: Hermina Garic

Chantelle Boateng, Social Media/Online Editor

My name is Hermina Garic. I am currently a senior, triple-majoring in sociology and anthropology, government and politics and international relations. I have been living in Utica for the past 18 years. I was born in Bosnia and lived there for three years until my family moved to Utica.

Moving from Bosnia to Utica was a drastic change for my parents more than it was for me because I was really young and didn’t really know or remember what it was like living in Bosnia.

After moving here, I became accustomed to American culture and didn’t go back to Bosnia until I was in the fifth grade. During the visit, I was really confused because I wasn’t used to my surroundings. I only knew about Bosnia based on what my parents told me, but it was very different from the United States.

I came to Utica College based on how I felt the moment I set foot on campus. When I came here, I felt that everyone wanted me to be here, lend a helping hand and support whatever endeavor I chose.

UC also stood apart from other colleges because it had the Womyn’s Resource Center (WRC). I wanted to be part of the WRC after I found out about it from my high school English teacher who came on campus frequently. This led me to ask more about the WRC and its main focus. Since joining the organization, we have been able to host multiple events on campus, including STI and HIV testing. We host this event with Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and the Wellness Center to give students a chance to get tested to make sure they are OK without having to worry about their parents finding out.

Other than being a member of WRC, I am the president of the Student Government Association. I joined SGA because, when I first arrived, I noticed students advocating for changes on campus and wanted to be part of that. In terms of running for the senior class, I wanted our class to be able to make a lasting impact by contributing a great class gift to the school.