Album Review: Who Wears the Cape in the Hip Hop?


Allie Eaton, Staff Writer

Metro Boomin surprised everyone when he released a new album titled “Not All Heroes Wear Capes.” Seven months ago, Metro posted an Instagram story announcing his retirement from rap; he purged his Instagram account of all posts and stories and changed his bio to “Retired record producer/DJ.” He has not worked on beats with any other artists since he announced his retirement, so fans welcomed “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” with open arms.

The album has 13 tracks and features many artists including Gunna, Drake and Travis Scott. The album is spot-on with Metro Boomin’s music style, and it will not leave you disappointed with its hard-hitting beats and amazing bars by the artists featured on the album.

“Don’t Come Out The House,” the third track on Metro’s album, features 21 Savage and is hands-down one of the most unique and best songs on the album. The transition from the “regular” flow to the “whisper” flow was seamless and sounded perfect in the composition of the song. While listening, I felt as though 21 Savage was coming out of the headphones and whispering in my ear.

Another good song on this album by 21 Savage is “10 Freaky Girls.” The song goes from sensual to hard in five seconds and is coupled with another phenomenal Metro Boomin beat that will leave anyone bobbing their head back and forth.

Another amazing song on the album was called “Dreamcatcher,” featuring Swae Lee and Travis Scott. This is a slower song that really showcases the soothing voice of Swae Lee. It has a melodic beat that will put a smile on anyone’s face and make them want to sing along; Travis Scott has a duet that I did not know I needed until I heard it for myself. Swae Lee and Travis Scott complement each other perfectly on this track.

All in all, “Not All Heroes Wear Cape” was a home run, and I hope to hear more from Metro Boomin in the future.