Falling for Seasonal Activities


Source: philadelphiamagazine

Alyssa Raga, Staff Writer

Fall is the time when the leaves change color and the temperatures begin to drop in Upstate New York.

Some people love the cold weather and wait all year for a cool, brisk autumn day; they cannot wait to go outside and enjoy everything that fall brings. On the other hand, others hate it. They would much rather stay inside and curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and will only go outside in the beginning of the fall season when it is still warm.

Students at Utica College also have opinions on how they feel about fall weather, fall activities and how they stay active during the colder months.

Arnela Dautovic, a freshman, loves going outside during the fall.

“I love fall weather because it’s not too hot or cold,” Dautovic said. “It also looks really pretty outside. I like to go apple picking, and it’s nice to be out in nature.”

Dautovic is not the only student that enjoys being out in nature during the fall.

“I really like going outside in the fall,” said junior Leigha Castilla. “I like looking at the leaves changing colors, and I like that the air is a little cooler.”

For Castilla, there is something that she does in the fall that she looks forward to every year.

“I like hiking in the Adirondacks,” Castilla said. “I absolutely love the view from up there. It’s really pretty. I mainly like to hike to stay active in the fall, and I also make sure that I go to the gym, too.”

Other students, such as freshman Molly Head, only like going outside in the beginning of the fall season when they still enjoy the weather.

“I like going outside when it’s still warm,” Head said. “I won’t want to go out once the snow comes, so I get any last minute outside activities done in the beginning of fall.”

Head also likes to enjoy the fall weather with a furry friend.

“I like going outside in the afternoon and going for a walk with my dog, Liza,” Head said.

Sophomore Keven Cabrera always gets excited when the colder weather starts coming.

“I’m in the Ultimate Frisbee Club, so that brings me excitement in the fall,” Cabrera said. “Also, fall means that Christmas is coming, and I love Christmas.”

For Cabrera, Christmas is what makes him this excited for this time of the year.

“My favorite activity is putting up Christmas lights all over the house with my dad,” Cabrera said. “We put up so many, so we have to start as early as possible.”

Beyond all of the effort that it takes to put up all of the Christmas lights and decorations, Cabrera makes sure that he stays active during the fall in other ways as well.

“Ultimate frisbee is the main way that I stay active in the fall,” Cabrera said. “I will also go to the gym and run.”