What Candy Makes you Dandy?



Christopher Patterson, Staff Writer

There is that unique candy that’s expected to bring students much joy on Halloween. Some couldn’t wait and have already eaten their favorite candy many times this October, while others are waiting.

Whether it’s just another typical day or Halloween,  everyone has that favorite candy that they love no matter the time of year.  Some days it might be chocolate and on other days it can be a sugary candy. It all depends on someone’s craving. At Utica College, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a student favorite.

Sam Ackerman, a junior nursing major, said her favorite candy is Reese’s. She couldn’t wait until Halloween and had some yesterday.

“For Halloween, if I could pick any candy, it would be Reese’s,” Ackerman said. “I like it because of the peanut butter and chocolate.”

Many have a certain go-to candy that they favor no matter what the day.

Nick Giannivola, a senior who majors in accounting, said his favorite candy is also Reese’s because the chocolate and peanut butter combination are tough to beat. The last time he had one was a month ago, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t crave them.

“I have a sweet tooth for it,” he said.  “They always have commercials on it.”

There are many candies that leave impressions on those who eat them. The candy industry uses subliminal advertising in television shows and in commercials to lure consumers into buying their product. Most of the time this works as new consumers as well as old flock into stores just to have the latest addition of the candy or a new flavor. It all depends on what the consumer wants in the end.

Alli Dwyer, a grad student, said her favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s because, To her, they are a common treat that she last enjoyed about a month ago. They are her favorite because she “likes the peanut butter chocolate mix.”

It’s not just the candy, but the overall experience of it that makes it unique. There are moments when people buy the candy and reserve it only until the special holiday.

Courtney Tranfaglia, a senior who majors in psychology and child life, said her favorite Halloween candy is Skittles. She is not much of a chocolate fan and Skittles are different from all other candies and are a nice alternative. Tranfaglia likes some flavors more than others and she doesn’t eat them on a daily basis but instead saves them for Halloween.

In her opinion,  “That’s what Halloween signifies.”