Album Review: ‘Quavo Huncho’ Solo Album Deserves a Bravo

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Alison Eaton, Staff Writer

Migos’ very own Quavo has released his first-ever solo album titled “Quavo Huncho” through Quality Control Music, Capitol Records, and Motown. The album has 19 songs and features 11 artists, ranging from Travis Scott to Madonna, and includes the singles “Bubble Gum,” “Lamb Talk” and “Workin’ Me.”

After many years of Quavo working with Migos, doing features on different songs and completing a joint album with Travis Scott, this album is long overdue. At the height of all of his releases in 2017, such as “Quality Control,” “Culture II” and “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” he had 11 percent of Billboard’s Hot 100. This album was highly anticipated by fans and does not disappoint.

Quavo is known for his catchy hooks and mesmerizing beats and is compared to some very notable “masters” in the rap industry on his album. A notable feature is on the song “Lost,” which features Kid Cudi adopting Quavos’ signature flow and putting his own spin on it; this makes it a trap-inspired flow. The song is different in contrast to Quavos’ typical songs as he focuses on getting lost in the fame and fortune. This is very different seeing how he usually talks about lavish lifestyles, girls and cars.

One song that was not so good was Champagne Rosé, which features Madonna and Cardi B. The song seemed too commercial and did not fit the vibe of the album. In a way, it felt out of place and forced, which broke up the album for anyone who would listen to it continuously.

A standout song from the album was “Flip the Switch,” featuring Drake, which was not released as a single. The song is upbeat and picks up right away. It was made to be a hit with Quavos hooks and Drake’s flow, and the song is very upbeat and will soon be played all over the radio.