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UC Reacts to Mac Miller’s Passing

Source: assesstreat
Source: assesstreat

 Mark Martinez,Staff writer   

On Sept. 7, rapper Mac Miller died due to an apparent drug overdose. The 26 year-old Pittsburgh native had just released his fifth studio album Swimming on Aug 3. Miller was a well perceived artist with a strong cult and college following.

News of the beloved rapper’s passing took not only the Hip-Hop world by storm, but all of pop culture as well. Miller was described as an eccentric and joyful person by many of his peers, but his fans heavily revered his music.

Diversity at Utica College doesn’t only apply to ethnicities, but also interest, as many students from many different backgrounds expressed their interest in Mac Miller’s music.

Utica College senior, Andrew Brown, has been a Mac Miller fan since eighth grade. Citing Miller’s early albums K.I.D.S and Best Day Ever as his favorite projects ever, he was quite taken back on the news.

“When I first heard about Mac passing away, I didn’t want to believe it,” Brown said. “Listening to his music for such a long time, it feels like in a way, Mac grew up with me.”

Other students, such as graduate student, Yana Gracia, didn’t really listen to Miller’s music but definitely knew who the rapper was.

“I always heard of Mac Miller and actually liked a couple of his songs off of his new album,” Gracia said. “I also saw him in a lot of headlines in regards to his prior relationship with Ariana Grande and struggles with prescription pills. It hurts to see such a young talented soul surcome to demons.”

Addiction is a battle many individuals of all ages go through. A battle that not only takes a toll on a person’s mental state, but also on relationships and work life.

In this age of college culture, it might be easy for a student to fall into the wrong crowd and quickly spiral towards a treacherous lifestyle.

Utica College is aware of the griefs a student can go through throughout a college career. At the Student Wellness Center, Thomas Lane is an alcohol/drug counselor who offered professional insight on the Mac Miller situation.

“I find it very sad to lose another life, especially one so young, to addiction and drug overdose,” Thomas said. “I have experienced similar tragedies in my personal and professional life and it always has an impact on me when I see people lose their lives to addiction. For me, the reality of addiction and mental illness in youth is something I see on a regular basis with the type of work that I do. Mac Miller’s passing continues the conversation about the importance of increasing awareness and prevention efforts to help protect the youth from the devastating effects of addiction and how it can also exacerbate mental health issues.”

Utica College Wellness Center always opens its doors to students going through many tribulations throughout the school year. Lane touches on the basics of the Wellness Center and its services.

“UC’s Wellness Center has two offices, the Health Center and the Counseling Center,” Lane said. “Both of which offer confidential resources to UC students, further promoting a safe environment in which to seek help.”

If any Utica College students prefer to seek help away from the Wellness Center, Lane also shares many resources a distressed student can use:

Insight House Chemical Dependency Services, Inc.

500 Whitesboro Street

Utica, NY 13502

(315) 724-5168

Community Health and Behavioral Services

1428 Genesee St

Utica NY 13501

(315) 738-1428 ext. 224

“It can take a long time to ask for help, but know that there are people out there that want to help you, have gone through similar struggles, and that asking for help is often the first step to making a lasting recovery.” Lane said.    

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