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Hitting the Gym a Popular Stress Reliever for Students

Joya Pavia, Features Editor

Students may begin to feel stressed out and ask themselves, “Can it just be over already!”

As staying motivated may be difficult at this point in the semester, The Tangerine spoke with students about their strategies for reducing stress in the lead-up to finals week.

Taylor Klosek is a junior cybersecurity major who said excessive school work causes the most stress in her life.

“School is the sole source of my stress,” Klosek said. “The never ending papers, labs, projects and exams can get a little overwhelming.”

To make sure everything is done on time, Klosek organizes and prioritizes what has to be done first.

“I try to only worry about one assignment at a time,” Klosek said. “It helps me not get behind and stay on top of all of my work.”

Klosek suggested buying a planner and writing down assignments and due dates, which helps her tackle one assignment at a time.

“I think about getting good grades and life after college to motivate myself when I’m feeling really stressed,” Klosek said. “I think it’s extremely important to have something to look forward to.”

Senior Georganne Jadhon tends to feel stressed when many of her due date fall within the same week. She works everyday along with being a full-time student, so juggling school and work can become difficult for her.

“School does tend to stress me out a lot, which is why I’m very thankful to be graduating in May,” Jadhon said.

Jadhon’s love and passion for her major has made coping with school-related stress a little easier.

“When I’m feeling stressed I head to the gym for a quick workout,” Jadhon said. “If I don’t work out, I usually just do a face mask to calm myself down.”

Jadhon suggests students try to get their assignments done ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute.

“I always feel better when I get my assignments done ahead of time,” Jadhon said. “I’ve always been the type of student to start my assignments right when they’re assigned.”

Thomas Giglio is a junior physical therapy major who, like Jadhon, tends to get stressed when he has numerous assignments due at the same time.

“Trying to handle multiple tasks such as school, sports, social life and working out can be hard to keep up with,” Giglio said.

When Giglio is stressed he goes to the gym so he can listen to music and get a workout done.

“My advice to other students is to stay on top of your work for finals and try to enjoy every day as much as you can,” Giglio said. “College will be over sooner than you think.”

Unlike Jadhon, Klosek and Giglio, senior Becky Vennero’s stress is caused more by work.

Vennero is a second-semester senior who shifts more of her time towards her internship and work rather than school work.

I am starting to learn the stress that comes from having a real job and the transition of the type of stress from school to work,” Vennero said.  “By that, I mean stress that comes from school is due to reaching deadlines and time management with the pressure of taking many classes at once. Whereas stress from work stems from accomplishing tasks correctly. If you wrongly do a task, it can cause a domino effect and delay my job or others’ jobs.”

Depending on certain factors, Vennero explained school is a significant cause of stress.

“It all depends on the person’s ability to manage time and their sensitivity to stress,” Vennero said. “Some people get stressed out easier than others and some majors require more work and studying than others.”

Whenever Vennero feels stressed, her favorite form of relief is working out.

“Any form of exercise is a major stress reliever for me,” Vennero said. “If I am in a situation where I cannot workout, I skip the task I am on and move to something else. This allows me to go back to the task more relaxed.”

Vennero advises students to just to “do their best” and “not worry too much.”

“If you know you put your best effort in and did the best you could, there’s not much else you could have done,” Vennero said. “Everything happens for a reason, and in the end everything will workout exactly how it should.”

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