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Spotify Most Popular Streaming Service Among Students

Maggie Reid, Assistant Features Editor

Whether students are studying, working out or just cleaning their room, chances are they are listening to music on Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music.

Some students find themselves not able to go a day without putting in headphones.

Sophomore Sam Ackerman typically listens to music on Spotify because she finds it easier to organize her music compared to other music applications.

“I listen to music pretty much everyday, but only when I work out,” Ackerman said. “I don’t listen to it when I study because I wouldn’t be able to focus doing that.”

Senior Bridgette McDaniel also uses Spotify.

“I use Spotify because my friends use it and it’s easy to make my own playlists,” McDaniel said. “You can also download your playlists and listen to them offline which is pretty cool.”

Spotify has a “friend feed” where you can see in real time what music your friends are listening to.

McDaniel chose to take advantage of Spotify’s student discount on their premium service, which is $4.99 a month compared to the $9.99 a month fee you would normally pay. With Premium, you are able to listen to music advertisement free, have unlimited skips, listen to music you downloaded on the app offline, play any track and have high quality audio. The student discount plan also includes Hulu’s limited commercial plan at no extra cost.

“I only have Premium right now because I am a college student, so it’s cheaper that way,” McDaniel said. “After I graduate, I most likely won’t have it because I won’t have the discount anymore and don’t want to pay the full price.”

McDaniel listens to music everyday and typically listens to instrumental music.

“I listen to music in the morning, in the car, when I do my makeup and when I’m in the library, so I can drown out other people.” she said.

Junior Joelle Mann also listens to Spotify and the radio.

“I like it because you can choose what you want to listen to, and there are no commercials like there are when you are listening to the radio,” Mann said. “I listen on my boyfriend’s Premium account every day in the car because I do a lot of driving.”

Mann listens to music in “pretty much every situation” and likes to listen to sad music, acoustic pop or country depending on her mood.

Senior Julia Panzone usually listens to music on YouTube or the radio.

“I listen to music on there because it’s free,” Panzone said. “I would rather deal with commercials than pay for Spotify or Apple Music to save some money.”

Panzone listens to music everyday, and her music taste depends on what mood she is in that day.

“The only situation I don’t listen to music is when I’m studying because I won’t be able to focus well,” Panzone said. “When I’m not studying, I listen to a lot of country or pop music.”

Like the other students, junior Dominica Witt uses Spotify and YouTube.

“I listen to a lot of stuff on YouTube and Spotify,” Witt said. “I used to use Apple Music a lot more, but then I stopped after I found Spotify.”

Witt typically listens to music around three or four times a day, but it depends on what she is doing. If she is doing homework, she will play music in the background to get motivated.  

“My music taste is pretty open, I listen to a lot of alternative music and jazz,” Witt said. “Honestly, if it isn’t country, I’ll probably listen to it.”

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