Some UC Students Aren’t Feeling the Love


Marissa Verdon, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Utica College students are wondering if love is in the air or if St. Valentine is just a cash cow for Hallmark, Godiva and flower shops everywhere.

According to ABC News, $18.2 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day-related items in the United States, making the holiday a profit powerhouse for businesses.

As students gear up for Valentine’s Day, some are taking off their rose-colored glasses.

“I feel like it’s pointless,” said sophomore Tiffany Simmons. “If you love someone you should buy them flowers on the way home from work because you’re thinking about them, not because it’s a day where you have to do something special.”

Junior Ethan Kipp said a person’s view on the holiday is what you make of it and dependent on your relationship status.

“Sometimes you’re with someone or have a fresh relationship and it’s awesome,” he said. “It feels like the whole day is dedicated to that feeling of having a fast heartbeat. Other times, you’re single or just got dumped, and now it’s the worst possible holiday. It feels like a slight against you and you go buy a large pizza just for yourself.”

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute,  47.5 percent of survey respondents receive candy for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re thinking of forgoing a gift for your significant other, you might want to think twice.

About 53 percent of women who responded to their survey said they would consider ending a relationship if they did not get something for Valentine’s Day, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute.

Senior Cormac McCambridge has some surprises up his sleeve for his girlfriend.

“I am planning to surprise her with some things, I don’t wanna give it away though,” McCambridge said. “We’re both pretty busy that day, but we have plans this weekend to watch movies and spend quality time together.”

Sappy poems, roses, cards and gifts are common here on campus and across the country for Valentine’s Day, and some students are willing to shell out big dollars to impress their significant other.

Freshman Ian Markwaldt plans on taking his girlfriend out to dinner.

“Both of us are college students, so we don’t really get the chance to go out to a nice dinner,” Markwaldt said. “Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to go above and beyond our weekly routine.” 

Senior Calico Yaworski is happy about celebrating no matter her relationship status.

“I think it’s magical,” Yaworski said. “It’s fun to take a day to really appreciate and celebrate love. It’s not just about relationships but your friends and family as well. Plus, who doesn’t love getting candy.”