New Year, New Me: UC Student’s Set New Year’s Resolutions


Maggie Reid, Assistant Features Editor

The New Year is the perfect time to make resolutions to better one’s life, whether it is spending more time in the library, time management or eating healthier.

Two weeks into the semester, Utica College students are keeping to their personal resolutions and academics as best as they can.

Junior Renee Lewis’s New Year’s resolution was to better manage her time.

“I’m trying to make good use of my time instead of just procrastinating, which I find myself doing sometimes,” Lewis said. “I have good and bad days. Sometimes I manage my time well, but other days I look at the clock and wonder where the past two hours have gone.”

Lewis chose this resolution because she found herself rushing to complete tasks last minute due to procrastinating, which caused her stress.

“Better time management will allow me to accomplish everything I need to do while giving me time to do the things that I want,” Lewis said. “This way, I will not cause much stress to myself by trying to complete something I should’ve finished a while ago.”

When Lewis finds gets distracted, she reminds herself to stay on track, which will allow her to relax and do the activities she enjoys, such as watching Netflix. She has created a daily schedule for herself with time slots allowing her to complete her assignments for the day. This works best for her, she explained, because she knows exactly what she needs to complete in order to be productive.

Junior Courtney Dudzinski’s resolution was to get more sleep and to stop procrastinating, a vicious cycle she hopes to break this semester.

“I usually find myself not getting much sleep, so my goal for this year is to go to bed at a decent hour and feel more productive when I wake up in the morning,” Dudzinski said. “A reason why I don’t get much sleep is due to procrastination, which is why my other goal is to finish my work on time so I don’t have to keep going to bed so late.”

Senior Frankie Milazzo’s resolution is to eat healthier.

“Something I don’t do often enough is eating healthy, so my goal for this year is to start eating better foods,” Milazzo said.

Beyond health, Milazzo is also looking to volunteer in her community.

“Volunteering is something that is so important to do because you can help so many people in need for just a few hours of your time,” Milazzo said. “It allows you to make the hours in your day count for something good.”

Junior Melanie MacDonald’s resolution is to spend more time studying and to better manage her time so she can be as productive as possible.

“So far, I have been keeping to this by going to the library between all of my classes,” MacDonald said. “This semester, I am going to be really busy with classes and campus organizations, so I need to spend as much time as possible being productive. It’s going to be my second home this year because I find myself able to focus better and get more things done.”

Senior Erik Winberg’s resolution is to be more organized.

“I usually find myself not being very organized as the semester goes on,” Winberg said. “My goal is to plan things out, have all the things I need to do written down, as well as put papers in folders so I don’t lose them.”