TRX training class to be offered in Spring 2018


Maggie Reid, Assistant Features Editor

Do you want to learn about a new and engaging way to work out, or need a one credit class for next semester? Look no further than PED 140, a TRX training class taught by Maggie Matrulli in the second half of the spring semester.

TRX originated from Navy Seal training and develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It allows for control with the ability to choose just how much resistance you want or change your body’s position.

PED 140 is a Tuesday and Thursday class that begins the week of March 13 and goes until the end of the semester. It starts at 10 a.m. and goes until 10:50 a.m. and will take place in the Todd and Jen Hutton Sports and Recreation Center.

Matrulli said the first classes will focus on learning how to use the equipment.

“I don’t want to teach a class with no one knowing what to do,” she said. “With suspension training, you want to know some of the basics to make sure you’re doing it right and not getting hurt in the process .”

The class is open to all students, not just athletes.

“If a student is not very active but wants to be, there is a certain amount of work that needs to go into the class in order to do the workout, but there is no minimum ability,” Matrulli said.

Training with TRX allows people of all athletic abilities to exercise, delivering a fast total body workout that can be done anywhere with the help of versatile straps.

“The greatest benefit of TRX is your core is activated with every movement you do,” Matrulli said. “A lot of forms of exercises do not give you that benefit. For an athlete or someone who is interested in personal fitness, core strength and control is the most important thing to develop before anything else. “

Senior Jude Manford, who has taken the class in the past, recommends it.

“I would recommend taking this class because no matter if you do physical activities or not, we all need to know the perfect way to breathe and how to strengthen our core through our lifetime,” Manford said.

Although no weight lifting is involved, according to Manford, he still left sore every time.

“The TRX is no joke if taken seriously and used consistently,” he said.

Junior Kayla Penoyer decided to take the class because she enjoys fitness and was hoping the different exercises would help her lower back.

“I enjoyed her class because Maggie is very personable and cares about her students,” Penoyer said. “She was able to give me a lot of tips and skills I did not know before. I learned how to properly roll out with a foam roller, how to improve my balance and different exercises to do with the TRX bands.”

Junior Tyena Garcia took the TRX class because she wanted to become more physically fit and stronger.

“I enjoyed this class a lot,” Garcia said. “It taught me about different muscle groups and how to use a foam roller, which I find to be the best method to stretch. I would take it again because it was a stress reliever in the morning and was just a great way to start my day.”