World Series Prediction



Andhika Wardojo, Staff Writer

The battle between the Houston Astros against the Los Angeles Dodgers has been intense. After six games, the Astros and the Dodgers are tied up with both teams winning three games so far. With a close series it is harder to predict which team will win the World Series title. Utica College students have different opinions when asked about their predictions. Some believed that the Astros can win and some thought the Dodgers will win.

As the World Series started, every UC student asked about their predictions, they have different answers. Some rooted for the Astros and some rooted for the Dodgers. Former UC Baseball player, junior Michael Golden, believed that the Astros will win game seven.

“I say Houston in seven,” Golden said. “Based on what the city’s gone through, I think the team is really motivated, the Houston crowd is crazier than any other crowds in the playoffs.”

Pioneer baseball coach, Adam Pexton, also believed that the Astros will win the world series, with the home field advantage being a factor, better pitching and they also have better batting lineup compared to the Dodgers.

“I think they have stronger pitching, definitely a stronger lineup hitting wise,” Pexton said.

Pioneer baseball player, junior Dylan Finley, has different opinions than his coach and his former teammate, as he believes the Dodgers will win the World Series. He believes that the Dodgers have a better roster and had performed better in hitting than the Astros.

“Their pitching rotation is too deep and all of their hitting is basically over .250-.300.”

Students that voted for the Dodgers, believed that their pitching is the key factor to win the world series against the Astros. Some actually admits that the Astros’ batting is great, but it is still no match for the Dodgers’ pitching rotation.  

“Their pitching rotation is just too good,” junior Michael Scanlon said. “They got Yu Darvish and Clayton Kershaw on the mound and they got energetic players, Yasiel Puig and they got that rookie that can hit, and I just think the Astros pitching rotation is not good enough. They do have better offense than the Dodgers, but once again the Dodgers pitching rotation is too good.”

The Houston Astros had a great season this year. They won 101 games on the season and finished first in the American League West division. After beating the Boston Red Sox in four games (3-1), the Astros managed to beat the New York Yankees in seven games (4-3) to win the American League title.

The Dodgers also had a great season finishing with 104 wins and they were also number one in the National League West division as well. The Dodgers swept the Arizona Diamondbacks (3-0) and then they beat the Chicago Cubs in five games to claim the National League title.