How UC feels about fall


Do you enjoy Fall? (Source: Cotton Ridge Homeschool)

Nick McAdam, Staff Writer

As most know, the season of fall is here. The leaves have turned, holidays await us and Utica College students are inching their way towards the end of the semester.

UC Senior Joseph Contreras enjoys the balance that fall contains.

“The weather is nice and it always has a balance to it. You can wear hoodies and sweatpants and not feel ashamed,” Contreras said.

Contreras enjoys what fall has to offer with holidays and more seasonal opportunities that are presented.

“I love to stay in and watch scary movies that usually come out around the time of Halloween. It gives me an excuse to stay inside and binge watch my favorite movies,” Contreras noted.

Even though Contreras enjoys fall, he prefers the comfort of summer more.

“There’s more to do in the summer with the nice weather. You can grab a tan while going to the pool. Summer really presents good vibes for me and my friends,” Contreras added.

Students can relate to the harsh winters that Utica has. As a result, Contreras prefers fall over the season of winter.

“I definitely like fall better than winter,” Contreras said. “It’s really annoying to know it’s so cold and I still have to walk to class.”

Other students at Utica College prefer fall because of the less lengthy semester that it brings for the campus. Senior Whitney De La Cize counts herself into this category.

“I love the outfits that everybody wears in the fall. The semester is shorter which means I can graduate faster,” De La Cize noted.

Similar to Contreras, De La Cize enjoys the holidays that fall has to offer.

“I enjoy Thanksgiving because that’s when my family comes together and eats a lot of good food,” De La Cize said.

De La Cize looks forward to the spring because her birthday is on the 3rd of April.

Halloween seems to be a popular holiday at Utica College. Sophomore John Blashke enjoys the spookiness of Halloween.

“I love Halloween,” Blashke said. “I tend to go to haunted houses which increases my adrenaline and fun. I like being scared in a way.”

The weather in fall has a good balance according to students at UC. Blashke enjoys this type of weather in the fall.

“It’s this nice, cool weather that I tend to enjoy,” Blashke said. “Summer can be too hot, and the winter can be too cold. Fall offers this nice ‘in between’ that I enjoy.”

“I’m on the swim team here at UC,” Blashke adds. “When I get out of the pool in the winter and the cold air hits me, it doesn’t feel pleasant. The month off at the end of the semester doesn’t really have an effect on me because I have to come back early for the swim team.”

Fall also brings some new flavors to the food industry. Starbucks presents the Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall which attracts a fair amount of people. Sophomore Kassidy Krenzer enjoys her seasonal coffee.

“I’m a big coffee drinker,” Krenzer said. “I love that every season offers a new type of flavor to coffee. The flavors seem to be the best in the fall.”

Krenzer enjoys seeing her friends when the semester starts in the fall, but the weather in the winter means she can’t wait to get out.

“I love seeing my friends again when the school year starts back up in the fall,”  Krenzer added. “On the other hand, the winter annoys me because it’s cold and I’m always slipping on the ice.”