What shows students want brought back

Source: tv.com

Source: tv.com

Matt Viera, Staff Writer

No matter what happens throughout the day, television and Netflix will always be there with non-stop episodes and seasons of our favorite shows. The main question that needs to be addressed is if a show that someone used to love and be obsessed with could make and add another season what show for him or her would it be?

Sophomore Tim O’Connor explained that Friends was his favorite show when it was on. He said that he could talk all day about how great it would be if they got the whole cast back together.

“The show was super popular and I’m sure a lot of people would absolutely love if they came out and made another season,” O’Connor explained.

O’Connor said that if Friends came out with another season, he would most likely order a pizza and just binge watch his way through it.

Sophomore Tyler Mosher said if any show needed another season, it would definitely be Dexter.

The show is currently on Netflix and Mosher said that he’s watched every episode of all the seasons more than once and the ending gets him every time still.

“Plain and simple, I would lock myself in my room until I finished it,” Mosher said.