Georganne Jadhon, Staff Writer

Procrastination is something that most college students can’t escape from, making waiting until the last minute to do an assignment the norm these days.

Senior Julianna Zegarelli has accepted her procrastination habits.

“Being a procrastinator is one of the qualities that I have,” Zegarelli said. “Being a senior comes with a lot of bad habits, procrastination being number one. I take as long as I possibly can to get my school work done. I know it’s not the best thing to do, but procrastination has become something I’m used to that I don’t think I could stop.”

Even though Zegarelli is a big procrastinator, she continues to finish her work on time.

“Every time I procrastinate my work, I always make sure that I have a big cup of coffee before I get started,” Zegarelli said. “The caffeine motivates me to sit down and get everything done, even though I won’t do it until the night before. I figured out that the more coffee I drink, the more motivated I am to do my work, so when it gets late and I start to struggle with finishing assignments, the coffee really helps.”

Junior Rachael Lynn wouldn’t be who she is today without a little bit of procrastination.

“It just goes well with my life,” Lynn said. “Being so busy all of the time means putting off my homework until the last possible second. The more things I have to do that week, the longer it takes for my school work to get done. You would think that homework would be my first priority, which it should be, but sadly it isn’t and never will be.”

Even though Lynn is used to putting her work off, she knows exactly what to do to cope with the procrastination.

“I always make sure that when I wait until the last second, I mentally prepare myself,” Lynn said. “I get myself some snacks, gum and chug a bottle of water before I sit down and tackle all of my piled up work. It’s all about having a system, which doesn’t make it seem so bad when you have over a week to do an assignment and wait until the last possible second to start it. Using these methods help me so much, especially when I slack off.”

Junior Thomas Giglio is right there with his fellow classmates when it comes to procrastinating.

“Procrastination should be my middle name,” Giglio said. “I’m just always busy with homework and baseball, so it’s hard to make time for everything. Usually I wait until the day before something is due to get it done. It’s bad to say, but when you have so much going on, you can’t help it.”

Being a student athlete is a difficult task for anyone, but Giglio has to manage that on top of schoolwork.

“I always make sure I give myself enough time the night before,” Giglio said. “This way I’m not cramming three different classes worth of work into a few hours. I make sure I separate the work based on the amount I have.”