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Hometown hunger pains


Georganne Jadhon, Staff Writer

Many students attending Utica College live far away from their hometowns. Even though Utica is known for it’s famous dishes, many students can’t wait for fall break to get home to their favorite foods.

Whether it’s their favorite restaurant or a relative’s famous recipe, many students are wishing for their favorite foods back home.

Junior Daniella Dellorto misses the pizza from her hometown the most. Dellorto is from Chicago, and even though she loves Utica food, she says nothing compares to Chicago-style pizza.

“My absolute favorite restaurant from home is Giordono’s,” Dellorto said. “They serve any type of deep dish pizza you could think of. I go there at least a few times a week with my family or friends. I have never had a bad meal there and I wish that Utica had one here.”

As much as Dellorto loves UC and everything the city has to offer, she is very excited to go home during break to have some pizza.

“I can’t wait for fall break to be able to go home and eat it,” Dellorto said. “Going there with my family will probably be the first thing I do when I get home Friday night after all of my classes.”

Sophomore Alyssa Samborin misses her mom’s homemade cooking. Samborin is from Rotterdam and misses her mom’s homemade Arroz con Salchichas, which is rice with sausage mixed in it.

“Home cooked meals are what I miss the most,” Samborin said. “Especially my favorite meal Arroz con salchichas. It was my grandmother’s recipe from Cuba that my mom makes all the time and it is to die for. My mom makes it just how my grandmother did and I wish I could eat it everyday. I wish my mom could make it for me and have it shipped to my apartment whenever I wanted. It’s that good and I never get sick of eating it.”

Samborin is looking forward to eating homemade Arroz con salchichas and hopes her mom has it ready for her when she gets home.

Junior Nicole MacMillan is from Winthrop, Maine. MacMillan loves Utica for many reasons, but nothing compares to her mother’s pancake breakfast every Saturday morning when she’s at home.

“There is nothing I miss more than my mom’s pancake breakfast,” MacMillan said. “Every Saturday she makes a ton of pancakes with bananas in them and a huge fruit salad.”

MacMillan goes out to breakfast in Utica on the weekends, but she says nothing can top her mom’s homemade pancakes.

“She even makes the batter herself and she always makes sure we have fresh fruit to go along with it,” MacMillan said. “I seriously can’t wait for fall break so she can make me them. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so Saturdays in my house are a big deal because of how good these pancakes are.”

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