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Healthy eating a priority for some

Senior Ryan Keefe does arm workouts at the Clark Athletic Center.

Georganne Jadhon, Staff Writer

Being a college student comes with a busy schedule. Sometimes when students get too busy, they find themselves eating junk food or making something quick, such as, ramen noodles, easy mac or fast food.

UC seniors Ryan Keefe, Kolbie Glionna and Adam Nell are all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle even though they are busy. No matter what their schedule is for the day, the three students always make time to exercise and replace junk food with healthy alternatives.

Keefe makes sure to prep his meals for the week ahead of time so can come home to a healthy meal after class or baseball practice.  

“It’s obvious as college students how busy we can get,” Keefe said. “When I meal prep I always make sure I divide my meals into different containers. This way when I’m in a rush, all I have to do is heat it up and then I’m all set.”

No matter how busy Glionna is, he always makes sure he has enough time to go to the gym and eat healthy meals throughout the day.

“I make sure I fit in at least an hour and a half of exercise every day,” Glionna said. “Getting to the gym everyday helps me with the stress from school and always keeps my mind in a good place.”

When it comes to his regular diet, Glionna likes to be prepared and have the right foods on hand.

“Whenever I go grocery shopping I always make sure to buy chicken and vegetables,” he said. “Both are very good for you, and make me feel great after eating them.”

Nell is all about cutting out junk food and putting in some fruits and vegetables for better alternatives.

“I always make sure to cut out caffeine and sugary drinks,” Nell said. “Honestly, one of the best things I ever did was giving up soda and energy drinks. The better route is when you’re busy and can’t keep your focus in class, bring some fruit in. You’ll notice how much better you can pay attention from eating healthy snacks.”

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