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Favorite Fall Treats

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Pumpkin Spice latte coffee for fall and winter weather

Georganne Jadhon, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where pumpkin spice is back in season, and everyone can’t wait to indulge in their favorite fall treats. September through November is the time to stop at your favorite local shops to get those flavored coffees or cinnamon baked goods.

Sophomore Emily Loeschner loves pumpkin spice lattes.

“Starbucks has the absolute best pumpkin spice lattes around,” Loeschner said. “Knowing that it’s fall makes me so excited because of the pumpkin flavored drinks and desserts. I always get the biggest size just because it’s so delicious.”

Loeschner is from Long Island, so being at Utica College during the fall and having a Starbucks so close to her makes it easy for her to access her favorite fall drink.

“I think lattes taste better than just plain pumpkin coffee,” Loeschner said. “Lattes alone taste great, but the pumpkin spice flavor really is the best drink I’ve ever had.”

Loeschner went on to say that Starbucks makes the best pumpkin spice lattes, which is why fall is her favorite season.

Junior Maria Christou is another pumpkin lover. Christou’s favorite place to get pumpkin flavored coffee is Dunkin Donuts.

“Pumpkin iced coffee is my go to drink in the fall,” Christou said. “In my personal opinion, Dunkin has the best brew of coffee there is and it will always be my favorite.”

Fall isn’t Christou’s favorite season, but as soon as the pumpkin flavored coffee comes out at Dunkin she gets very excited.

“Pumpkin coffee makes my day so much better,” Christou said. “Right before class I go to get one and it makes the day a little more bearable. I love iced coffee normally, but when it’s pumpkin it’s a huge game changer.”

Pumpkin iced coffee is Christou’s favorite aspect of fall. Christou goes on to say that when she is having a bad day she can go Dunkin to get her pumpkin iced coffee and everything gets better after that.

While Loeschner and Christou love pumpkin flavored fall drinks, junior Michael Canino likes apple cider donuts from the Clinton Cider Mill.

“Apple cider donuts are the only things I look forward to in the fall,” Canino said. “Clinton isn’t a far drive from Utica so it’s worth it to me to take the ten minute drive to get these donuts. That’s how good they are to me, and they also go perfect with a glass of apple cider.”

Canino is from Poughkeepsie and enjoys Utica for many reasons, and starting off the semester with his favorite fall treats just makes it that much better. Canino discusses how the Clinton Cider Mill donuts do not compare to any donut shops that are in Poughkeepsie, and are his first stop once they go on sale.

“Fall has the best dessert food ever,” Canino said. “I don’t mind pumpkin flavored, but the apple cider is by far the most delicious fall dessert I have ever had.”

Many UC students love fall treats and look forward to the season each year to be able to access these delicious drinks and desserts.

“Fall is a great season, but I really just love it for being able to drink pumpkin coffee,” Christou said.

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