Gil Burgmaster: Associate Athletic Director Profile

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James Den Bleyker, Staff Writer

When it comes to understanding a sport, statistics will play a major role in how the public can interpret whether a team or individual had a successful performance.

In addition to performance, statistics can be backed up with worthy connections in order to make the fan appreciate the athlete’s hard work.

Gil Burgmaster has been at the forefront of sports information at Utica College to inform students on sports statistics from a marketing and a personal relations perspective.

Since 2005, Burgmaster has had a string of success as the Sports Information Director for UC athletics and was promoted to Assistant Athletic Director, working alongside UC Athletic Director David Fontaine in the spring semester of 2017.

He has been the main contact for a slew of sporting events most notably being the 2013 NCAA Men’s Division III Hockey Tournament, which he was able to be one of the primary contacts for a quarterfinal matchup at the Utica Auditorium.

“The event seemed to go off really well,” Burgmaster said. “I know that the National Committee and the hockey community was really pleased with Utica as a whole we’re certainly a part of that and it was a rewarding experience.”

Along with Fontaine, Burgmaster helps to make major decisions for UC athletics when it comes to public and marketing relations.

Although he does not secure sponsors (as that is the job of the development office), he is responsible for “sponsorship deliverables,” which is why UC is able to retain sponsors such as Honda and Adirondack Bank on the scoreboards of the Charles A. Gaetano Stadium and the Utica Auditorium.  

As his job entails, Burgmaster has promoted numerous amounts of UC athletes and has contributed to getting them recognized by the media.

“In the last two years we’ve had two plays make ESPN’s Sportscenter top 10,” Burgmaster said. “That’s  pretty cool for a small college like this to be on the national stage in our department.”

Since Burgmaster’s arrival to Utica the information department has expanded and continues to do so each year.

Laurel Simer, Assistant Sports Information Director, has been working at UC for six years.

“There has been a lot of growth,” Simer said. “For instance, when I first started I was a graduate assistant, it was just Gil and I working here. In the athletic department, we have 26 teams now, and it added a couple more full-time staff so everything seems to be growing.”

Burgmaster continues to be one of the key figures in maintaining the sponsors and advertisers for Utica College’s sporting events and continues his role as Associate Athletic Director for UC Athletics.