Academic resolutions for UC Students becoming contagious

Christian Rodriguez, Assistant Sports Editor

Starting a new school year means every student starts with the grade of an A here at Utica College. It is now the start of a new year and with everyone coming back from a fun, relaxing summer, they have their minds clear and are ready for a fresh start!

Sophomore Hunter Remely had a great freshman year in the classroom, making the Dean’s List both semesters and a cumulative GPA of 3.62. Remely is planning to keep the ball rolling this semester.

“This semester, I’m going to try to do everything similar to last year by balancing school, work and athletics,” Remely said. “If I were to do anything differently, it’s probably to get in the library more and study more for bigger exams.”

Remely plans to be on the Dean’s List again by the end of the semester.

UC student Justin Strielkauskas is determined to have a better year in the books, and his first step is to use more of the available resources offered here on campus.

“This semester, I’m going to try to change my study habits a little bit by using the library more often,” Strielkauskas said.

Strielkauskas also found it hard to balance basketball and school work in his first year as a collegiate student athlete. His second time around, he thinks he can handle it better than last year by changing his routines around.

“Last year, I underestimated the workload I was assigned as well as the practice and game schedules,” Strielkauskas said. “But this year I know what will be on my plate so I will know how to manage my time better.”

Senior Maggie Tabone has had some pretty impressive semesters academically, with a couple of 4.0 semesters under her belt. Tabone will seek to make the great work contagious.

“My goal for this semester is to finish the first half of my senior year strong and possibly get another 4.0,” Tabone said.

Tabone is planning on applying for graduate school and focusing on her future by the end of the fall semester.

“I know after this, it’s “real world” time, so I really want to get started on what I want to do as soon as possible,” Tabone said.

Senior Mary Warfel will be studying abroad in London this fall with the Public Relations program and is really looking forward to her upcoming experience.

“I have always wanted to study abroad, but was also nervous at the same time,” Warfel said. “I am glad I finally decided to do so for my senior year. My goal for this semester is to explore as many place during my time abroad and learn more about myself and other cultures.”

Junior Donald Malone will do quite a few things differently this time around. The biggest change will be to get his work done before hitting the gym.

“I love to workout, and sometimes I will put the weight room before my studies which will get me into trouble with due dates,” Malone said. “This semester, I will stop procrastinating and stay on top of my studies.”

Malone says he’s also going to set more academic goals this semester.

“I always set goals. I’m a pretty ambitious person so if I set a goal for myself, I know I will reach it,” Malone said. “The goal that I really want to reach this time around will be making the Dean’s List by the end of the semester, and finding an internship locally dealing with my criminal justice major.”

Junior Justin Mayers is looking to reach the Dean’s List as well this semester.

“I always get so close, but I haven’t gotten there yet. This year might be the time,” Mayers said.