Students react to newly remodeled cafeteria design


Photo by James McClendon

Sandy Moses, Staff Writer

The Utica College cafeteria makeover that students have all been anxiously waiting for has finally arrived.

Eating is necessary for one’s well-being, so UC has aimed to create an environment where students can enjoy doing so. The new set-up has allowed Utica to express its diversity and character in a new way.

While some people enjoy the creativity and color that the new cafeteria brings, some find it maybe a little too overwhelming, and question the arrangement of the idea.

“I think the new cafe is tacky,” sophomore Christina DeVivo said. “They opened it up for more food options, which then limited seating making it much more crowded than it needs to be. Events like the Holiday Dinner are going to be much more difficult because almost everyone goes to that. Fitting everyone into such a compact area will not only be hard to do, but uncomfortable too.”

Others feel that with such a change on the appearance, the food could use a bit of updating as well.

“It looks cool and all, but I think the food still needs some work,” sophomore Timothy O’connor said. “It has its good days and its bad days, but overall they should have put more thought into what we are actually consuming.”

Not everyone has negative thoughts on this project. Some feel that this new change is just the beginning of an even better environment here at Utica College.

“If there was one thing I could say was my favorite about the new cafeteria it would be all the different options of food,” junior Mike Fuhrman said. “Even if the colors are slightly overwhelming, it definitely brings character to Utica and all it has to offer.”

While some people thought the new cafeteria was a little too much, others found it to be something new and exciting.

The new cafeteria can be found on the second floor of Strebel Student Center.