More from last week’s community conversation

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Staff Writer


On Wednesday, April 5 in the Strebel Lounge of Utica College, students, faculty, and administrators came together to talk about the graffiti found in Bell Hall in February.

President Laura Casamento started things off by expressing how the incident personally made her feel.

“I am really saddened by what happened,” she said. “I am disturbed and am angry about it. But what we can do, is take on these actions.”

Throughout the conversation, there was a trend that ran through student comments and concerns: communication.

“Silence seems like you’re okay with it, it’s like a slap in the face,” senior Ransey Perry said.

The Area Coordinator of Bell Hall Lauren Crandall added that “the graffiti was unacceptable in our community and on our campus.”

Communication Arts Professor Jeff Miller feels Utica College has “an enormous blind spot with diversity” and that it is the “greatest secret of the college.”

Director of Counseling Allison Franklin also added that their should be events on campus to promote diversity.

Members of the Black Student Union felt that diversity should be a part of the first year seminar classes that all freshman have to take in their first semester at UC.

Provost John Johnsen expressed interest in more opportunities for discussion between administration members and students and faculty.

“We don’t have an effective way to talk about issues, we’re not used to it,” Johnsen said. “President Casamento and I have been talking about how we can hear the concerns of our students and faculty. These talks tend to be targeted by a crisis.”

Since there are no new leads or information concerning the identity of the Bell Hall culprit, it is encouraged for anyone with information to contact Johnsen, President Casamento, Campus Safety or any trusted adult on campus.