Creative writing minor revamped


Photo by Suzanne Richardson

Jaime Evanoff, Staff Writer


Utica College students who are looking for a new way to express themselves through the study of words are in luck because the English department recently added a new minor in creative writing.  The revised minor was published this spring in the course catalog, so students can sign up for it in the Arts & Sciences office now.

The minor will help students develop their communication and rhetorical skills, and practice thinking creatively.  It is designed to study creative writing in multiple genres including, short fiction, novels and poetry.

“This version of the minor lets students take classes in writing across the genres-poetry, fiction, and nonfiction,” Professor of English Gary Leising said.  “It is also flexible and allows students to pursue their interest in writing and reading literature.  The amount of choice of classes students have should make it fun and engaging.”

Gary Leising, Lisa Orr and Suzanne Richardson is the team that is responsible for the revision of the minor.  The process involved choosing which courses they could keep and creating a few new ones to keep offerings in the genre parallel.

Students will need 15 hours, or five classes, to complete the minor requirements.  The minor offers a variety of options for the student.

“There is a beginning, 100 level multi genre class, 300 and 400 level classes in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as choices for students from our other English or Literature offerings,” Leising said.  “The 300 and 400 level classes are typically offered as writing intensive, so they’ll help students complete a core requirement, and the multi genre class (ENG 147) will count toward core literature.”

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