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Meet Scott Welch

UC’s friendly postmaster general

Maggie Reid, Staff Writer


From textbooks to care packages, whenever you’ve got mail, the mailroom lets you know by sending you an email, a picture of your package or a personal letter.

Scott Welch, assistant communications coordinator, talked about the daily happenings in the mailroom.

“If your parents send you a package or a letter, they just have to have your name and the college’s address on it,” Welch said.

“Everything coming from home; a package or a letter, comes through us. We put a tracking label on it and then it is scanned through our Q-Trak system, which automatically sends an email to faculty or students letting them know that a package is ready for pickup. I take a picture so they know exactly what it is, and then put it on a shelf and wait for them to pick it up. That’s done with all packages and hand written letters,” Welch said.

Not all days are equal when it comes to the amount of packages that are ready to be picked up.

“The busiest days in the mailroom are Mondays because I have to take care of everything that was delivered Saturday when we weren’t open,” Welch said.

While Mondays are the busiest day of the week for Welch, that is nothing compared to how it is at the beginning of the semester.

Welch estimates that the amount of packages that come in a day is around 250. When it all evens out, the average a day is roughly 100 plus packages, adding up to 400 to 500 packages a week.

“Between all of the students’ books, clothes and forgotten items from home, this place becomes standing room only. All of the racks in the back will be completely filled, you can barely get around because packages are on the floor. As things start winding down, it gets a little more manual.”

One question that students had was why some letters get picked up in the mailroom and some get picked up in the mailboxes of the residence halls.

“The ones in the mailroom are handwritten or checks. We want to make sure anything coming from home that might have money, gets directed here so nothing gets lost,” Welch said. “It’s a rule of thumb; anything that is handwritten comes to the mailroom. Packages are organized by last name on shelves.”

Sophomore Dan Block doesn’t really use the mailroom much.

“I use it maybe twice a semester when books are delivered,” Block said. “I like how I get a picture with the email so I know exactly what I am picking up.”

Senior Abby Schaible uses it twice a month.

“I’m always getting random things delivered to me,” Schaible said.

Whether you use the mailroom all the time or none at all, the mailroom helps contribute to the Utica College community by making sure that all mail and packages are delivered in a timely manner.

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