A fee…for activity?

Elijah Belle, Staff Writer


What are college activity fees? Well, there are many mandatory fees that college students have to pay while enrolled in an institution.

Although some seem more significant due to the price, each fee covers something useful for students. Student activity fees are charged to support on-campus activities.

“I think students would be less critical about activity fees if they knew exactly how they are being spent,” sophomore Keanu Heedrum said. “Most students feel like it is an extra burden on them.”

Knowing that the focus of the fee is to help assist organizations on-campus, students are mainly concerned with how it is being spent. It could be questioned that students who are not in any organizations or do not rely on school transportation want to see how they are benefited from paying the fee. Students also would like to know if every last dollar is spent or if there are funds left over. If there are funds left over, where do they go?

Each enrolled student is required to pay a $75 activity fee. This fee supports student organizations, intramural sports and other extracurricular student programs and clubs. The fees are helpful to those who depend on them; the financial support allows organizations to request money to support banquets, events and transportation services.

“I feel that the fees are for a good use, helping out organizations on campus, and being provided transportation are only two of the many ways in which they (the fees) help students,” sophomore Malcom Stowe said.

In the world of college students, money always seems to be the big picture. No college student wants to feel like they are wasting money. Transparency, ultimately, is what the students would like to see.