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Dorm room hunger pains

College students get creative, share eating habits

Chantelle Boateng, Staff Writer


It is no secret that food can be the key to a person’s heart. College student’s sometimes put a meal at the bottom of their list of things to do, due to an extremely busy school schedule, causing them to turn to interesting ways to feed themselves when the dining commons is closed.

Although there are a lot of restaurants in Utica, not many deliver causing students to eat the same old things over and over. While some students choose to order food most of the time, buying food all the time can take a toll on a student’s bank account. It leads some student to turn to creative late night eating habits.

While fast food might be the way to go, others use what they have in their fridge to calm their growling bellies late at night. Some students turn to instant Ramen Noodles or cooking their own meals in the resident’s hall kitchen.

“I tend to drink water because it fills me up and I also try to have a healthy snack later at night rather than eating junk food,” freshman Joan Allaire said.

The saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” gives many students a much healthier way of satisfying their hunger. Students turn to drinking a lot of water to surpress their hunger, also to prevent them from eating anything that is right in front of them that may contain too much sugar.

“I drink lots of water, and I usually like lemon or fruit water,” junior Rebecca Schulz said.

While others drink water as a way to not consume every snack or food in sight, others are always prepared in case hunger strikes.

“I usually have a snack near my bed, just in case I do get hungry,” sophomore Luz Genao said.

While others are always prepared for the battle of hunger striking late at night, some eat fruits and veggies.

“I eat watermelon, pineapple or celery because it has little sugar and no carbs,” sophomore Jenna Carlesimo said.

Those with a passion for cooking or microwaving are the ones who possess the most creativity in finding ways to feed themselves. Being able to go to the supermarket and buy food to stock your fridge doesn’t only prevent you from spending extra money during the week, but also from going out and buying fast food or junk.

“I make miso soup or rice that can be made in the microwave,” international student Suzuka Tanaka said.

With the end of the semester approaching and finals right around the coner, several students are awake, studying or completing assignment in the very late hours of the night. Late night eating can be a battle for many, but whatever it takes to get through those late night cramming sessions is all that matters to some students.

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