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What are men thinking

Erik Lyndaker, Staff Writer


Men are simple, yet very complex beings when it comes to what they want. Some men share similar desires in what they seek out in a partner, but others have a very different outlook on what makes a good partner.

Utica College junior Greg Shinn admits he has some specific characteristics he looks for in a girl.

Shinn states, “I think I like my girlfriend so much because she really knows how to deal with me when I’m being a pain.”

Shinn continued, “I think most guys can agree with me when I say a guy’s significant other has to be able to put up with our shenanigans.”

Some men look for women with similar interests and hobbies.

“My girlfriend and I get along so well because she likes to have fun just as much as I do,” said junior Matt McCoy. “I guess I would say that having a significant other who likes to enjoy life like I do is one of the more important traits.”

Some men had to really think about the question, being what they look for in a partner, before giving a solid answer; a clear indication that men truly don’t know what they want sometimes.

Freshman Antonio Scalia had his own opinion on what traits he looks for in a partner.

“A girl can be a really fun person to be around, but not be able to carry on a genuine conversation. I look for the girls who can carry on a real conversation, so I guess you could say I like smart girls who have something to say.”

Men are complex, no doubt about that, but sometimes it’s the smallest thing a guy enjoys about his significant other. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a man happy, like someone who will make you nachos on football Sunday occasionally is a keeper in most men’s eyes.

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