Survey says..


Joe Parillo, Staff Writer


On Wednesday, March 22 the Residence Hall Association hosted a game night of Family Feud in Strebel Lounge.

The event started earlier in the month with an email sending a call to the students of the Utica College campus. The email asked all students to participate by filling out a quick survey. The survey asked students all about themselves. RHA then used that information to create the answers to the game show questions. Students had a chance to create their own teams (families) in order to participate in the Family Feud game show format.

The RHA said they were very excited with how the event turned out. From the emails they sent out they had several students complete the form to make the event actually happen. They were also very pleased with the excitement of the students that wanted to participate. They had over 100 students in attendance to watch the activities. They also had a large amount of teams willing to participate.

This is the first time an event like this came out of the Resident Hall Association.

“We broke into many different committees to make the event planning easier,” said Hamza Ditta, the national communication coordinator.

The committees ranged from things like organization for decorations, food, as well as a question committee. Each had their own way of contributing to making the event a success.

RHA hopes to possibly have this event again next year. They will evaluate the event in a meeting, weighing in the pros and the cons of the event. If it does not go as planned they hope to plan an event that will be similar for students next year.

RHA also wanted to remind students about an event they will be holding at the end of the semester, on the last day of classes. They will be holding a luau on the residents quad to have fun and help eliminate stress before finals week.

The Resident Hall Association is an organization to help students living in residence halls have an enjoyable on-campus living experience. They also have councils for each individual hall. So, if you are willing to help make living on campus more enjoyable and have an opinion about residence halls. Sign up.