Mike Colegrove, Staff Writer


On Monday, March 13 weather advisory was announced for three consecutive days in preparation for what arguably became the worst storm in area history.

The Utica area got 36 inches of snow, as it came down Monday and Tuesday. The amount of snow on the roads made it impossible for local cleanup crews to perform their jobs. Utica College, in particular, was hit severely, as the newly built recreational dome was knocked down.

Director of Campus Safety Wayne Sullivan says the college didn’t do anything different to prepare for the historic storm, nicknamed Stella.

“We always prepare when there’s threats of storm,” Sullivan said. “The preparation begins a day or two ahead of time. We’ll monitor things through the radar and I work with outside agencies – DPWs and law enforcement to see what the conditions are on the roads, around campus and the surrounding area. Then we’ll work with our grounds people here on campus to see if they’re going to be able to handle it and get things opened up so that we can operate.”

According to Sullivan, UC has never had to hire outside of the community to help clean up after a severe storm. UC facilities have handled it all, including the aftermath of Stella.

Sullivan says the cost of snow removal during such a heavy storm is likely higher,

“That missionary was going from early Tuesday morning,” he said. “It’s still going out there pushing snow back. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – the snow was around the clock. It did not stop.”