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Compromise is key in handling long-distance relationships


Morgan Manfredo

Staff Writer

When people start dating, the last thing they think about is the distance. Couples figure that their love is strong enough to withstand anything that comes their way. Sure that might be the case for some relationships, but not all. In many circumstances, distance is something that either pulls each other apart or makes the couple’s bond stronger than ever.

Utica College sophomore, Kollin Schultz is currently in a long distance relationship. They have been dating for a few months, and their relationship is going great

“I don’t think that people should mentally let the

distance come between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend,” Schultz said. “If you care about the person enough and really love them, then distance is only an obstacle to overcome.”

Schultz and his girlfriend rotate every weekend on who drives out to visit. This is a nice way to visit each other fairly without having just one person making the trip every weekend.

“She will come to visit me every other weekend, and I try my best to go to Albany on the weekends that she doesn’t come here,” he said.

It’s all about compromise, says Schultz when talking about making it work equally for both partners.

Some think long distance relationships aren’t worth the time.

Senior, Kyle Brunelle, thinks that long distance relationships can be dif cult and stressful for the people in the relationship

“Break up, move on and seek more meaningful long-

term connections with someone who is closer in proximity.”

-Kyle Brunelle

The difficulties that come with distance can all be true when two people aren’t trying their best to make it work, or when only one person is putting in the effort.

“For the college student, it is important to assess whether or not there is a serious future with your signi cant other,” he said.Brunelle thinks that if two people are in a relationship while in college, it could ultimately be the person that they want to build a life with over the long-term.

“If the answer to that is either uncertain or no, then spare yourself the stress, effort, and heartbreak,” Brunelle said. “Break up, move on and seek more meaningful long-term connections with someone who is closer in proximity.

Maintaining a relationship is hard but when distance is involved it becomes a struggle for some couples. Sophomore George Archundia has had long distance relationships before, and he also says that it’s all about compromise.

“I think long distance can work if the people care about each other,” Archundia said.

He also said that he and his signi cant other would rotate who would travel to see the other person, so it wasn’t always one visiting the other because that’s not fair.

In some instances, long distance can be a good thing for one another. Giving each other space is always needed and making time for themselves is a must.

“The best way to stay focused on your partner, who might be across the country is to stay connected daily and communicate to your best ability,” Archundia said. “It makes you appreciate your time with that person more because it’s limited.”

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